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    Feeling blue,

    Listened to James Comey’s interview on ABC. I am caught between wanting life to be easy and normal and not feeling safe.

    I want Mueller’s investigation to conclude and I want to know the facts.

    I want to know that when we strike Syria it is for inhuman gas attacks and war games/mind games.

    I’m tired of google, Apple and the companies who cheat the country which built them with offshore taxhole loops, juicing up employment expectations because trumps tax cuts leave them better off.

    I took an ambien but it isn’t working. I hope in the next election cycle we can support modern whig candidates.

    I actually like several of my (r) elected officials but something has to change. Am I the only one thinking Kelly Conway is evil?

    Who else is still worried about Americans who have spent their lives here and have no protection? Or about Sinclair buying up all the local news sites and forcing them to air Sinclair POV?

    What’s happening in Iran? North Korea?

    Transgendered people are no longer allowed to serve our country and college is more and more expensive. Schools are less and less safe.

    I need to be more involved but it is all I can do just to take care of myself, my home, and my boys.

    But we all need to be looking at the next elections. It’s time to find ways to support the changes which will best serve our country. No more Charlottevilles. No more mass shootings with no answers. No more Russian nerve agents targeting civilians.

    Sorry for the rant. It’s nice to get it off my chest.

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    I feel ya. I was just saying to someone that the one fear that I had was that the chaos becomes normal. It has hasn’t it? I start the day asking “what now?” with a sigh and not an exclamation point.

    If Syria was a humanitarian effort we would open up visas from refugees.

    Unaired rationale from Comey’s interview on Clinton emails: They found the initial trove from her blackberry -that’s where, if there was any acknowledgement she was doing something wrong, it would likely be. It wasn’t. But that narrative doesn’t contribute to the ratings grabbing chaos of “lock her up” and “Comey’s ego got in the way of the election”. (on

    Self-care is important. I’ve created rituals for bed to help distract before bed. I play untimed games on my ipad until I can’t keep my eyes open. If I wake up in the middle of the night, I try to never go on to news sites, even tumblr, for hitting something that will spike my blood pressure.

    I’ve also started pestering my senators again because they need to be out in front of this and they seem to be sitting back… waiting for a Democratic landslide. Fools.

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    You should get an anonymous Twitter account and tweet at Kellyanne Conway(not an elected official btw), Zuckerberg, Sundar Pichai, Christopher Ripley, and your congressmen when you’re high. Might make you feel better until it’s time to VOTE.

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    Maybe you should take a break from the news?

    I don’t mean avoid it forever, but I have had to put it to the side many times since the last election. Your mental health, and your family are the most important things.

    Here’s some good news-
    The transgender military ban was blocked by federal judges, again. Because it’s pure discrimination.

    I personally feel encouraged by the office raid and feel like things are speeding up in the Mueller investigation.

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    I actually do not even watch the news anymore. I can’t since about the Obama election. Plus I just refuse to start my day with insanity and negativity. I don’t even listen to the radio in the am in the car, just calm music. Helps when you can start your day without it. I view a few sites online every few days. Any major news pops pretty much everywhere if you so much as open a web page anyway so I am not completely out of the loop.

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    On my way back from vacation, I listened the the CYG podcast where they recently interviewed Cecile B Richards about her new book. It was so encouraging. She’s encouraging. And she’s doing something. She’s helping or will be once her tenure at PP is over in May with grassroots efforts across the nation. There are so many people working on local and state elections so the right people will be voted for in November.

    I get that it’s depressing, but people are doing things. You can do something. Even the smallest act will help. Like encourage people to vote. Or sign up to help with mailers. You and your kids can stuff envelopes! It won’t happen over night. I’m confident it’ll change for the better one day and women will be the reason. I’m also a half glass full kind of person though.

    But if you really feel this bad about the state of affairs, I agree with anon in that you might want to not read the news so much.

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    I really hope this presidency wakes people up out of their complacency. It’s the American public’s fault that we are in this mess, I truly believe that. When you see the numbers, the percentages of who ACTUALLY voted, it’s abysmal. Even considering gerrymandering, Russian interference. People just don’t care.

    I truly hope this is the wake up call for the next generation. I’m encouraged by the Stoneman Douglas kids.

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    Well I’m back, did another ambient but doesn’t workout the wine I’m not thrinking.

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    I hope you mean it doesn’t work without wine, which you’re not drinking. Ambien is a very major drug, and you cannot mix it with alcohol. Even without the wine, it’s obviously having adverse mental effects and it’s not helping you get the sleep you need. Are you addicted to it? What would happen if you stopped taking it? It might be time to talk to a doctor – maybe not the one who is prescribing it to you – about how to get off of it and figure out another strategy for sleep.

    And no, I’m not judging you.

    ETA: Even without alcohol, you probably shouldn’t be taking it at all. It’s only supposed to be effective for a few weeks, and not every night. It sounds like you have rebound insomnia from taking it a while. They say you shouldn’t be taking it if you’re not getting 7-8 hrs of sleep on it. You’re probably impaired in the morning re driving and such. You really should call a doctor or treatment center.

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    Hi Kate,

    I gave up drinking at home (which was only wine at night after my kids were asleep) a while back because I realized it was affecting my moods the next day. I don’t take Ambien every night. I agree it doesn’t seem to be helping me actually sleep. I did enjoy feeling relaxed, though.

    It does help occasionally but not the last few nights. When I don’t take anything I often toss and turn. Then I end up spending time later napping. Or sleeping in on the weekend. I often take Melatonin. Sometimes it helps and sometimes it doesn’t. I’m not a big fan of anti-histamines or Diphenydramine. I avoid sedatives because they affect my mood later; I tend to feel tired the next day.

    I know part of this is that once my kids are asleep, I will catch up on the news. Maybe I need to take a break. It really does seem like now is the time to start looking towards election news. Subtle disinformation is a new form of censorship, sadly.

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    Right, so. If Ambien only helps occasionally, you shouldn’t take it. That’s not my opinion, that’s in the monograph. You probably need a different solution to your sleep troubles.

    Something is going on with you, and I do hope you’re getting, or will get, the right help.

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    Talk to your doctor about anti anxiety medication instead of sleep medication. Something like Xanax or Klonopin, when taken occasionally, can help with the anxiety.

    You have to find a ritual that helps you wind down from the day and focus on sleep. Read a boring book. Watch baking shows. Meditate. Whatever it is, experiment to find that wind down routine so that your body knows it’s time to sleep.

    Or try benadryl.

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