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    The reason I’m writing this and not asking a friend is because all of my friends are friends with the guy am with. Basically sometimes he’s great but lately he’s been lacking and he’s just been rude to me. He tells me I overthink things and overreact but I for some reason just like don’t trust him. He never tries in school and he doesn’t care about anything, and one of his friends smacked my butt, and he didn’t care or even get jealous which pissed me off. Sometimes it just feels like he’s too lazy to care about anything even me. But sometimes he’s the best and he says the nicest things. I just feel like there’s something missing but in the beginning of a relationship it was there. He always says stuff like ‘you dont own me shut up” it’s mostly a joke but sometimes it is in and it feels like he’s not happy with the way our relationship is but he says he is. I just dont know what to do.

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    He sounds like an immature jerk. Listen to yourself that he is a jerk. He is showing you how much you mean to him, none. Sorry hon. You’ll find someone who is the direct opposite of that one day.

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    Look, the first 6 months of a relationship are the honeymoon period, when it’s all good, happy and you & him are on best behavior( if this period is ever shorted be wary). But after that you see clearly what each other are like. So, if you don’t actually like how he is ( and let’s he honest he doesn’t sound like he’s a good boyfriend ), then feel free to break up. There are other boys who will be better to you & with you. When it comes to breaking up only one of the people involved to make the decision & tell the other and it’s done( a break up isn’t a negotiation). In some ways it’s harder in school because you can’t go totally no contact, but it’s possible to be polite but distant and not spending time outside class with them. Also check out in the relationship section to what are good or bad things to look out for & even search for ‘break up’.

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    If you read these boards a lot, you’ll see how many people say “I wish we could go back to the way it was at the beginning.” What they really mean is, “I wish we could go back to when I didn’t know all this bad stuff about him.”

    At the beginning, you didn’t really know him. It was all fun and infatuation and hormones, and so exciting that a guy liked you and said such nice things to you!!

    Well, now you do know him. You know that he doesn’t try in school, and doesn’t act like he really cares about you, and says rude stuff to you, and doesn’t stick up for you with his friends.

    So. Is the person you see right now somebody you want to date? Not the person you thought (hoped) he was at the beginning. What you see in front of you right now.

    No, he isn’t. So, you break up with him and move on. There’s lots more guys out there.

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    He’s a jerk. Do you really want to be with someone who is lazy and mean to you? Break up.

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