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    Miss MJ

    “…chips and dip out of a hooha. Or a vajayjay splay veggie tray….”

    BGM, thank you for the laugh today! I needed it.

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    Avatar photobittergaymark

    Thanks Miss MJ. Curiously, and disturbingly, LIVE! NUDE! GIRLS! out by LAX just approached me about designing them a new menu.

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    Chips and dip out of a hooha sounds messy and painful but I’m kinda digging that there’s such a thing as a vajayjay splay veggie tray.

    Just asking for a friend ;-)…where would one go to find instructions on creating said veggie tray?

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    So, get a couple loaves of frozen bread dough. Let it thaw, then take a hunk of it and fashion your best vajay. Take some additional dough and shape it into thighs. If you want pubes, draw them into the dough with a toothpick or something. Brush the whole thing with egg whites, bake, and voila! Fill the vajay with dip, and arrange your veggies all around it.

    Basically follow this recipe, which I did once and it came out awesome, but improvise the shape:


Viewing 4 posts - 133 through 136 (of 136 total)
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