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Boyfriend has a child, I just found out about

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    Update. I was in fact the other women without knowing. He was always with me, always there for me, never on his phone, never hiding. Everything she was saying was true. Thank you for all the advice, I have dodged this one but wow here picking up the pieces of devastation and hope while he is back with his family. Rationalizing that is so hard. I am so happy to have found this out and thankful I didn’t waste anymore of my time but, it is a pain I’ve never felt that will take time to heal and trust. I’m nauseated and don’t understand how people could hurt another like this and just toss aside as if nothing. I realize now that I was just the in between, the one to give him everything he had hoped he had with her.

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    Yikes, what a cad he turned out to be. Lucky you caught this sooner rather than later. But what a jerk he was to try to do this to you in the first place.

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    You’re definitely not the first person to get fooled by a guy like this. It sounds like you did everything right, the only red flag I can think of is if he never ever had you over to his place. Whatever his explanation is, if that happens in the future, you should push back and insist on seeing where he lives, do some digging online too. A reasonable guy would understand why you want to be assured of that.

    I understand being shocked and nauseated, but you do need to be aware that people do all kinds of messed-up shit, and in the earlier stages of a relationship you have to have your eyes wide open to anything that seems off, and ask about it.

    Sometimes you get played though. I’m glad it was only a matter of months and not years!

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    Holy crap, what a dirtbag!

    Unfortunately, some people are just shallow and selfish. They know how to be charming, but there’s something missing inside.

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    If he can lie about a WHOLE child, what CANT this shit bag lie about. So glad you got rid. For all you know he has several other secret childen and baby mothers sprinkled around the world.

Viewing 5 posts - 13 through 17 (of 17 total)
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