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    My boyfriend and I have been together for over 10 years. I would say the “dating” stage is over. However, we still go through things like him flirting with other women and cheating rather it was physically or verbally with other women. Throughout the years he has had terrible attitude towards life and where he is, and take things out on me. Two years ago after all these years I chose to see someone else. I wanted a new feeling and was tired of being upset all the time. It helped me in the moment but I never wanted to cause him any pain. Nevertheless, the damage is done and he found out on birthday when he took me on vacation. Nothing has been the same since. He still flirts with other women but at this time he doesn’t see him self doing any better after what I did. I dont want this to be a cycle with us. He is willing to work things out with me but he still admits that he thinks he can’t be with me (while with me and spending his days with me as if we are together) he will tell me he does not want me ( but still lay with me and loves on me just the same) he sends out so many mixed emotions but I am not sure what to believe. In the end its causing me much stress and embarrassment because I am being disrespected while he heals and I can’t do anything but leave. Which makes things worse if we are trying to get through this. Should I keep pushing through this or should I let it go?

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    Let it go, end it.

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    You have been putting up with the same thing over and over again. That’s nuts. 10 years of this. You want another 10 years of the same thing? Or would you like to be happy or at least find some peace? Leave.

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    Break up. It will free you both.

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