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  • Just Sam One
    September 3, 2022 at 1:06 am #1115775

    Hi! So I am on here because I truly need an outsider’s perspective. A few years ago, I unfriended everyone on social media and then I created another account. The thing is, I did not add that person even if I knew that person might still see me active and such. At that time, I was just thinking that it was so negative between us already and as long as we didn’t hate each other upfront, I would be ok with letting go of the connection. Also, I was thinking I didn’t want to add that person to the new account because that person might suspect I was dealing with something which I was at that time and I didn’t want her to think I was trying to create a new start or something. I really just didnt want to give that person the benefit of having a hint that I was not okay at that time. That thing I was dealing with was very personal. I did not have the heart to tell any body until the time came that I had to confess to what I did. The thing is that after I have dealt with that personal issue, I am now feeling bad for severing the connection with her. I feel so guilty and just I ask myself constantly “WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!!! SO STUPID!!” Looking back now, I realized I should have not done that coz now, I’m on block. And that person is way older than me. I was so stupid I didn’t realize the consequences of my actions. If any body is reading this, what would you have done and what would you do? Thank you for reading!

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Broken friendship need advice

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