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Can you really rebuild your relationship after being cheated on?

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    “My boyfriend and I have been on and off in our relationship for about 5 years now.”

    This says everything that you need to know about your relationship. Do you want to be on and off for another 5, 10, whatever years?

    Aim higher.

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    “I myself have made one major mistake which was when we split up I spoke to one of his friends but I understood it was wrong and so cut that off.”

    I hope you’re kidding. You don’t really regard this as “wrong” and his screwing someone else ON CAMERA as a minor offense. Do you??!!?

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    Yes some couples can get past cheating. Couples who have invested a lot of time and energy and YEARS of work may be able to salvage their relationship. Usually they have kids, are married and have built a life together and have something to really fight for, and something significant to lose.
    That’s not you.
    This is a boyfriend. Not a husband. And not even a good boyfriend….just someone who has cheated repeatedly. Sorry… the video was not the first girl. That is just the one he taped. Just the one he can’t lie about. You must know that.
    You have nothing to lose except a lying, cheating asshole. He is already over it. Know why? Because he doesn’t care. Fundamentally. Does not care what his cheating does to you. So get out now before children are involved because no child deserves a philandering asshole as a father…or a mother who would willingly do that to them. I know you think 5 years of off and on is a long time. It isn’t. One day you will look back with relief that he gave you the perfect out to leave and thank all that is holy you only gave him 5 years and not 15.

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    You should have broken up a long time ago. Relationships that are off-and-on and involve lying and going after other men or women clearly not going to work. Relationships are not supposed to be as much drama as yours is. Move on.

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    Why would you want to stay together? This is who he is. A cheating, lying sketchbag who is putting you at risk for STDs. He is of poor character and clearly has no respect for you. Don’t you think you deserve better? If not perhaps some therapy is in order.

    He’s not a catch.
    Aim higher.

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    MOA, like yesterday. You don’t really have a relationship. He has sex with other women whenever he can, he’s not even trying to hide it anymore, if he ever did. He’s not going to change. This is going to continue for as long as you’re willing to put up with it. So don’t.

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