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    Thanks for the suggestions everyone and info on tipping. All the people I know who have visited BC have pretty expensive suggestions for my time there (I won’t be doing a sea plane to Victoria and back, or the gold leaf rockie mountaineer realistically!), so good to get some more local opinions. I probably won’t get to do everything I’d like to do, but will probably get to return one day as it’s only one flight to get there.

    I have 3 nights in Calgary due to timing of flights and meeting up with people, so I’m keen for any eating suggestions there as I plan most holiday days around food if I can.

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    Ok! Here are a few suggestions to check out in Calgary:
    Bar Von Der Fels – tiny wine bar with amazing food. Sit at the bar and get recommendations on the wine – they’re usually pouring a few bottles each of red/white/sparkling
    Bridgette Bar
    Modern Steak for some AB beef
    10 foot Henry
    Calcutta Cricket Club
    River Cafe (mainly for location and ambiance…it’s a small cabin-like house on an island in the river)
    Proof & Shelter are great cocktail bars

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    avatarEdmonton Girl

    Lucky girl! Western Canada is pretty fab in the fall.

    My views on tipping are pretty much in line with that everyone else has said – 15% for standard table service, 20% or more for exceptional service. And don’t let the San Fran experience scare you – you will experience exceptional service at many of the fine places people have mentioned in this thread. Canadians are, by and large, a polite lot who want visitors to have an excellent time.

    If you’re dining in Banff – I’d highly recommend Chuck’s Steakhouse for higher end Canadian beef and great local produce, Three Ravens for the view and fine dining. If you want a cocktail, you can’t go wrong at any of the Fairmont hotels – that will give you a sense of what travelling Canada by rail in the late 1800/early 1900’s was like (and go for a hike at Lake Louise if you can). Banff also has some great casual restaurants – like the Banff Ave Brewing Co (have the beer) and Park Distillery.

    The *only* places to go in Canmore in my mind are Trough and Where the Buffalo Roam. Small rooms – totally Canadian approach to food and service. We love them both.

    Finally – Calgary. The dining scene there has been hit a little harder by the downturn in the oil and gas industry, so many favorites are gone (RIP Divino). My go to when I’m in Calgary for work is The Fine Diner in Inglewood – brunch to die for in a cute little neighbourhood with quirky shops area. Great way to spend a morning.

    So – thanks for coming to visit us and I really hope you enjoy your time in Canada 🙂

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    Hi-I live in Calgary,work in Inglewood. The FINE Diner is no longer operating. The Inglewood area is a great neighbourhood to check out though. Lots of indie shops:yarn,mid-century furniture, world of spices shops,vintage clothing and cool stationary and plant shops. Also the store with the largest collection of vinyl records in Canada. Eat at Gorilla Whale in Inglewood ( a Japanese fusion place with a top rating for Calgary eateries) and The Eden for bistro food at it’s finest in a lovely heritage building. 320 Burger is amazing for a casual bite.

    Around the corner from Inglewood is the world class Calgary Zoo where the Pandas are currently visiting from China. Heritage is a fun experience of an old western Prairie town, and the Glenbow Museum has art,western and indigenous peoples history etc. If you love cool architecture ,check out the new downtown/city library-a unique building for sure.

    Have a wonderful trip! FYI, tipping at most Calgary eateries is in my experience 18 to 20 percent.

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    Oh yes! Can’t stress enough that in Calgary you should check out the new library downtown. Recently on Time magazine’s 2019 greatest places list. Incredible architecture.

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    avatarEdmonton Girl

    Sorry to hear about The Fine Diner – it really was a favourite!

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    Yes-I think it has morphed into Monki-a “gourmet” all day breakfast place and apparently very good.

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    Hi there

    If you are going to Calgary, definitely take the bus into Banff for at least a day. And if you can Lake Louise as well, they are absolutely stunning places to visit!

    Hope you enjoy your vacation!

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    I’ve been to Monki’s other location and they have s’mores pancakes that are unreal

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    Vancouverite here. Tipping anywhere between 15-20% is the norm. Usually covers servers and back of house staff. And we only tip on sit-down dinners or spas or taxis. We don’t tip somewhere like McDonalds.

    Someone mentioned HST – we don’t have that tax in BC. We have GST and PST.

    Have fun on your trip!

    P.S our bills all look different so hopefully will be able to figure out the money easier! And you’ll get to see twoonies and loonies!

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