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    Hi all.

    In September 2017 I started an English Literature degree and then dropped out in the November after having a meltdown because it wasn’t for me, it was too far from home and I didn’t see it going anywhere career wise. In September 2019 I started my new uni course in Adult Nursing, after being unsuccessful in my interview for Midwifery. Now, having got a job as a healthcare assistant in a hospital and absolutely hating it as well as really struggling to engage with the work and subject matter of my uni assignments, I really feel like I’ve chosen the wrong career path again and now I don’t know what to do. I can either carry on for another year and reapply for Midwifery next year, carry on with Adult Nursing and hope it gets better, or drop out and peruse a new career in the food industry (which was one of my other potential career moves after dropping out of uni the first time). Please help. I feel beyond stressed and it’s really affecting my mental health.

    Thanks in advance.

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    What didn’t you like about the arts and what don’t you like about nursing? What kind of work are you looking for? I understand you’re unhappy and dissatisfied but you haven’t really outlined what you’re interested in or why these other two careers aren’t your cup of tea.

    1. A job doesn’t have to be your passion – it has to challenge you for it to be interesting, and it’s great if you can do something that you enjoy – but ultimately it’s a job/career.

    2. Why are you chasing after things if you don’t actually know what the job entails? What kind of work do you want to do? What industry appeals? What research have you done before jumping in? There are thousands of interesting and well paying jobs that people on the outside don’t know about.

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    Avoid the arts at all costs. I’ve destroyed my life beyond repair by stupidly believing in myself.

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    It’s not really clear what you want. If you’re really interested in midwifery, I would say hang on and keep doing what you’re doing for now, and then re-apply. I’m not really sure about the food industry thing. Is there money and fulfillment in that?

    Overall I think you sound too impulsive. It might be best to give things a chance to work out the way the universe has planned for you, rather than all these abrupt dropouts and changes in direction. If you hang in there in a difficult situation, it can often turn into something really good.

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    Also, if you want to make a change in education or career field, you definitely need to be setting up informational / networking calls with students or employees in those fields. Do you know how to do that?

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    I was an English major and things worked out pretty well for me. I did go to grad school after, and my current job is pretty much a mash-up of my undergrad and graduate degrees, but think it shouldn’t be so quickly dismissed as a dead end. There are plenty of ways to turn that degree into a career, but many will require continued education.

    It’s hard to weigh in on what you should do since you don’t say what you disliked about your literature program or the nursing job/program. Or even what makes you think you’d enjoy midwifery. The fields you’ve listed as potential prospects for you are so different from one another that I wonder how you’re even finding yourself in these programs. Are these areas you have a sincere interest in or are you simply concerned with career prospects?

    I think people should ideally find the intersection of what they’re good at, what they enjoy, and what allows them to support themselves. I generally like my job, but I don’t *love* it. I’m good at it. Some of what I do, I like. Some of what I do is boring. And that’s ok. It pays well enough that I can live pretty comfortably and pursue my interests outside of work.

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    I agree you sound impulsive and unsure. Which to me, means maybe sticking with something for a little while even though it’s become difficult might be a better idea than switching yet again.

    Do you have a school counselor? An advisor? Tap into any help you are offered through school and carefully weigh your next decision.

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    Yeah, I also majored in English (and minored in Art History) because I genuinely enjoyed those classes. I did need to go to grad school though in order to focus my writing & analytical skills into something that would be a viable career.

    It sounds like you just didn’t like the program and decided pretty quickly it wasn’t for you. But then you did get a degree in something that led to a paying job. You should probably stay where you are and do some careful looking into midwifery and whatever else interests you. Talk to people. Find out what their jobs are really like, and what to expect at entry level. Meanwhile you’re getting paid and gaining experience for your resume.

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