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    So, I’ve worked at this nonprofit for a little over a year- they’re this “social service” (alleged) SJW organization that exploits under-served communities, families, and schools. Don’t get me wrong, the mission is noble, but the people behind the scenes only care about numbers, profit, and their brand. So, I was contracted with through another organization for a year, after that contract with org A expired, the organization wrote up a contract with me for about four months to which they extended me again and had me working two positions at the same time. In the midst of this, they kept giving me false hope that I could take over the position permanently dependent upon “how well I did” let me throw this caveat in here; they’ve given me nothing but verbal affirmation that I did a great job, that I’ve grown during my time here, etc. I am by no means perfect, but I have gone above and beyond numerous times at this organization, to a fault. I can admit, my eagerness to please might have come across as desperate, but if I were an agency, I’d prefer a desperate employee than one who couldn’t care less about their job or their impact. Fast forward to yesterday, they hired someone for the role right under my nose. I was not told of this directly, I saw a company wide email to which the director came out not even five minutes later rushing me in her office to talk. On top of that, I was asked to train the person taking my place and show them the ropes. How much sense does it make to hire someone new, pay for their training, and essentially hold up production while they’re learning the systems? Logistically, hiring and training costs- I was already there and the clients already knew me and had a good rapport with me; let me preface that;this organization has a high turn over rate, these clients have swapped case workers these past few months than I can keep count of. I am not angry of the hiring of the new person per say; I am more so upset with the cover up of the whole ordeal. The shadiness of it all- had there been a conversation about the move they decided to make and the rationale behind it, I would have accepted that, as that would have not blind-sided me. I could have better prepared. Honestly, I feel used; they used me for my ideas and my ambition while they had the person they wanted in mind all along. I basically paved the road for someone else to walk down and claim as their own. What should I do?

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    You shouldn’t do anything but look for your next job or contract placement. When does this one end? Are you working with an agency?

    Yes, this sucks, and it stings, but it’s unfortunately pretty common. It would have been nice if they gave you official reviews where they told you what they needed in the permanent hire for the role and how you were tracking with that and what you needed to do to get there. You could be proactive about asking for that in your next role…

    I work contract right now, and my bosses are very transparent with me, but also they know me from before. You don’t always get transparency. You could sincerely and humbly ask for some feedback now, just to understand what if anything you could have done better, but you’d need to do it right, with no expectations and no attitude.

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    What Kate said. These things happen. It’s not really fair, but companies make a lot of decisions that may not be fair to an individual employee. They weren’t contractually obligated to hire you into this position, so the only thing to do is to look for another job.

    Also, it’s OK to be upset you didn’t get the job. I don’t think you’re just angry that they “covered it up.” You can be angry that you were told you were getting a job and didn’t get it.

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    I’m sorry you’re struggling with this, but you have to try not to take it so personally. If there was a “coverup,” they would have let you go before they brought in the new hire. I can understand feeling hurt that you didn’t get the job and it stinks you have to train the new person, but you can’t take this stuff too personally. Do something about it. Ask for feedback. Work on the areas you need to improve. How is your attitude at work?

    They don’t owe you the job. They’ve been employing you, but maybe there was something about your work or personality, etc that just wasn’t what they were looking for.

    The best thing you can do for yourself now is to ask for feedback, listen to it, train the new person to the best of your ability and have a good reference for the next job you find. Above all, stay cool and be as professional as you can. Being visibly bitter about it will not help your future prospects.

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    I would look for an other job behind their back. Work on your resume, advertise yourself the best you can. You could also hire a coach to supervise your resume and train your for a job interview. Don’t stay there, leave as soon as you are hired somewhere else, preferably not in a non-profit organisation.

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