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    I would argue that we have more than six weeks of isolation left. I understand your stance on the holidays, but to say in six weeks, we’ll be able to reach some sort of normalcy is false hope.

    First, it’s not entirely clear if we’ll need one shot or two. 2nd, there will be anti-vaxers and those who believe in vaccines, but don’t trust how fast this one came to market. They’re also taking about an ID saying you’ve been vaccinated, which many people will distrust. Finally, healthcare workers, elderly and people with means will be the first to revive, not the general masses.

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    Apologies, I intended to say 5-6 months, not 5-6 weeks.

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    I would recommend staying where you are this year, and tentatively plan to see family later. Christmas in July seems like it might actually possible, and that could be fun to make up what we’re sacrificing now.

    That said, if you must go, it’s not the end of the world to be away from your SO.

    I will not be with my husband this thanksgiving. My mother lives a state away, has been dealing with depression, living by herself. I made the call late this summer that she needed to see family and I was going to figure out how to do see her with as little risk as possible.

    I isolated for two weeks before I left, I got a Covid test before I left and then another a week after I arrived, and until I had the results of my second test I wore a mask 24/7, and basically my mom and I formed a new bubble, we aren’t going out into her community. When I return home I will isolate for another two weeks. I’m here for a month. I feel a lot of guilt over whether I should’ve traveled, but at the time I decided to come it seemed the cons of not going outweighed the risks of traveling. Honestly, if I were making the choice whether to go with today’s case rates, I might decide differently but I’m here and didn’t seem to bring the virus from home or catch it along the way, so so far so good.

    My point is, if you do decide to travel you need to think seriously about how to mitigate the risks to your family as well as for those you may encounter while traveling. A lot more planning and thought needs to go into this, you can’t just pop over there like it’s a normal year.

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    Ha. That makes so much more sense @ron.

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    This is a difficult decision to make! What I wouldn’t do, at least, is going to his family. It isn’t their turn, right? You had a bereavement in your family and this is your folks’ turn. If your BF wants absolutely to go to his folk’s place, then he should quarantine when he comes back, at a hotel for a week and be tested. This is what I would request to preserve the bubble rule. His choice, his costs.
    So either you visit your family, or you both stay where you are and don’t travel.
    I wouldn’t fancy either the idea not to spend Christmas with my partner, but well, this is just one year. Be firm at least with what you don’t want.

Viewing 5 posts - 13 through 17 (of 17 total)
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