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    Hi i’ve been a CNA at a nursing home for 6 months now & i’ve realized this is not the career i want to pursue. i dread going to work every shift & i’m tired of being in constant pain. so much so that the night before my shift i called off with a “fever” & said i was going to urgent care but now they want a doctors note. i have no insurance and no money to actually go to the doctors. i know i shouldn’t have lied but i felt trapped & i can’t stand one more day of working as an aid. i want to quit but this is my first job and i’m scared to do it while they think i’m sick cause i don’t want them to find out i lies if possible. what should i do?

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    Can’t you tell them you actually can’t afford to go to the doctor, but that you took your own temp and had a fever and didn’t want to show up to work and put people in danger?

    But I have to ask, if you have no money, why are you planning to quit a paying job?

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    I’d do what Kate said re.telling them you can’t afford to go to doctor. I’m not surprised you find that to be a really hard job – it definitely is very tough, usually not paid anything like well enough, and can be physically damaging in the long run (and mentally harmful if you are not the right person for it).So many people end up pushed into this sort of work as there is insanely nigh demand.If you are the right person, I believe it can be really rewarding (though not financially) but if you aren’t, there are other jobs much less demanding which pay about the same, in retail etc- though there’s not a lot of retail out there.I’d do whatever you can re your current situation, work just long enough so you can find something/anything else, and leave without a blot on your employment record.A lot of people drop out of care home work, it’s only your first job, I don’t think anyone knows what it’s like initially going into it, and sounds like you know for sure now that it’s not for you.Good luck..

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    I would tell them exactly what Kate said. You had a fever, and thought calling out was the best thing to do.

    And maybe change your username if that’s your real name? Just in case your boss googles you?

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    Or future employers when you job hunt.

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    I agree with what the others say. Just tell them you can’t afford a doctor. I would also like to suggest that you not give up. I am a nurse in the critical care. I worked in nursing homes as a CNA and hated it. I then moved to a rehabilitation facility and loved it. The CNA’s that I work with in the critical care unit all say that they hate working in nursing homes but love working on the hospital. This may not apply to you as the work really may not be for you. Also, keep in mind that hospitals pay more and have better benefits. So before you just quit maybe start looking for another job. Next, all of our CNA’s are in school for nursing. It’s not for everyone but it pays well with great schedule flexibility and best of all you can get a job anywhere at anytime.

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