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    Aiden Ambitz

    So, I’ve been dating this lady for over a year. She has always been supportive in every way, prioritizes my happiness, always aiming to be better than the day before. She is really good I’ll say but yet, i find myself being more happy with another lady I’ve known for about 4months. I feel very free with the later, absolute peace of mind with her and we relate as though we’ve known each other longer than I’d known the previous. Am not at ease with myself being with 2 ladies at the same time knowing i hurt either of them each time. I really want to do good but I’m confused choosing who to stick with.

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    Avatar photoDear Wendy

    Why did you start dating Woman #2 when you’d been dating Woman #1 over eight months already and you are not at ease with dating two women at the same time? If you didn’t feel like being exclusive with Woman #1 after eight months, I think there’s your answer right there if you’re confused about which one to stick with. She might be “really good” but it sounds like you have a better connection with the second woman.

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    Avatar photoCopa

    Are you exclusive with the woman you have been seeing for over a year? If so, you’re being a massive jerk to her. If not, I agree with Wendy that there’s a reason you’re not exclusive and she’s not the one for you. But on the flip side, I think if your connection with the second woman was all you’re looking for, you wouldn’t be torn between the two.

    There’s nothing wrong with casually dating more than one person at a time if you aren’t exclusive. It’s hard to tell from what’s written if your behavior is actually inappropriate, but if you ARE doing things that hurts both of them… you can literally not be that way/do those things.

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    If you want to do good, don’t fare a second woman behind your first girlfriends back. Be honest and tell them both the truth, they will breakup because you deserve it, and you will learn to treat women with respect.

    Women are not toys for you to choose from. Do better and do it right now.

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