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    I’m having a major guilt problem and I could use some advice.

    Basically, I live somewhere where the government is taking good measures to control the covid-19 outbreak, but it’s still a concern. I myself have been quarantining and maintaining social distancing for the past 2.5-3 months, including not going to stores, not visiting friends or family, and otherwise avoiding contact. I’ve stayed inside my house the whole time.

    Today, I had a social distance lunch date with my long-term partner. We sat six feet apart the whole time. Near the end of the date, I lost control and leaned in for a peck on the lips. The second it happened I was consumed with guilt about it and I continue to be. The main problem is that I don’t live by myself, I live with parents who have had to continue working (albeit in a relatively safe environment). It’s the only time I’ve let my emotions get the better of me since this started but I can’t help but be guilty, stressed, and panicked. I don’t plan on letting it happen again.

    I’d appreciate any advice or assessments of the situation (basically, how badly did I mess up?)

    Hope you’re all staying safe and well.

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    avatarAndrea Letsen

    You did mess up. You know you messed up. You’ve said you won’t do it again. Beyond that, there really isn’t anything else to say.

    I would, however, check with your partner that he hasn’t been experiencing any symptoms or been in close contact with anyone who has – because you did put each other at risk as well as anyone you live with. You owe it to them to do everything you can to minimise the risk.

    Wash your hands, stay home, stay safe.

    Also cheer up – you’re not evil. You made a silly mistake. Learn from it.

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    Go easy on yourself. We’ve all been isolated for a long time and are fatigued by it. If I had been isolated from my husband for months I wouldn’t be able to resist kissing him too

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