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    Yeah, but without simply shrugging it off he even exclaimed it was an almost kiss!

    Honestly? If I’d had that same awkward hug with a family member or friend and I’d been drinking, I might’ve made a bad joke about it, too.

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    I couldn’t really put it into words until just now, but initially the feeling itself when you just know there is something different in the vibration of another person towards you that made me feel uneasy, in the first place.

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    So trust your gut then! It’s really that simple. If he’s making you uneasy, you should avoid him.

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    Let’s say you were getting vibes from this person. You’re acting exact opposite of how you should act. @Kate gave you plenty of advice, over and over, of what you should do, which is avoid him and tell him to stop if you’re uncomfortable. It is so easy to avoid, ignore or deflect people who make you uncomfortable. It’s a skill everyone should learn.

    You’ve dismissed that advice over and over. Because of that, it looks as though you like the attention or him and you are welcoming it.

    Nothing is adding up with your original posts and your replies.

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    Well I know how to avoid it but since these were the only situations that happened recently I could only reflect to these 😉

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    Summary: From what you have written, none of us think he is in love/lust with you, nor is he acting bizarre.

    HOWEVER, if you have an uneasy feeling about him then trust that, and avoid him and set physical boundaries.

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    Its not a problem if you want to bang out your married cousin… If this weren’t fake as hell it would be 50 shades of gross.

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    Me: Ugg I need a break from reading Freud for my university class, I can catch up on DearWendy
    5 minutes later
    Me: Okay…back to the normalcy of Freud

Viewing 8 posts - 73 through 80 (of 80 total)
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