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COVID19 caused relationship issues

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    My partner and I have been together for over 12 years, off and on. We live together in an apartment, each having our own bedroom because this works better for our space needs and lifestyle. I am a registered nurse working in a critical care unit at a hospital. Since the COVID 19 outbreak/pandemic, to protect my partner, we have been maintaining 2 meters distances at home. He works at home and does not go out much, if at all. Neither of us is sick, yet. Yesterday I asked him what if I got covid19 and was required to be quarantined at home. Without hesitation, he said he would find another place to stay to avoid getting sick. I felt hurt that he didn’t even offer to take care of me while maintaining safe distance. I am worried that during difficult times, he would abandon me and care for himself first. I would like some impartial perspectives — am I expecting too much or is my worry justified, or my partner is being selfish and does not care about me?

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    It’s potentially fatal and very contagious, so — no — it isn’t wrong that he doesn’t want to risk his life for you.

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    Is there really any way to take care of somebody and maintain a safe distance? Especially for some body with zero medical training…

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