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    Are Dutch braids cultural appropriation? I had my three year old daughter rocking her favorite braids only to be yelled at publicly on the street.


    What are Dutch braids?


    NVM. I googled it.
    I don’t think that dutch braids are cultural appropriation. TBH, they look like the standard braid that white people tend to use in their hair to keep it out of their face.

    I think cultural appropriation of braids is creating a whole head full of braids based on African/African American styles then rebranding it as some new thing (Kylie Jenner and Bo Derek, I’m looking at y’all).


    Dutch braids are similar to French braids but instead of braiding over you braid under. So the braid sits on top and is a bit chunky.


    I don’t think the technique really matters. I think it’s the overall finished product that pushes it into cultural appropriation.


    I apologize, I described the technique before I saw you had googled it.

    Thank you for your input. I would feel terrible if I inadvertently offended someone by my own ignorance.
    Thank you!


    NW. Google Bo Derek braids. That shit is cultural appropriation.


    Right, so, “boxer braids,” which are two Dutch braids, look kind of like cornrows, and there was some to-do about Kim Kardashian and boxer braids and cultural appropriation. Like maybe because she acted like she invented them, but really they are cornrows which have been around forever.

    I feel like, thank God for boxer braids, because in high humidity and at the beach, they keep my frizzy hair under control. However, if I got a whole head of braided extensions and acted like I owned this new style, I’d be a culturally appropriating ass.


    Oh gosh, seriously.


    I think it’s less about the extensions tho.

    I don’t particularly think that white women look good with a ton of small braids in their hair. Big & chunky braids, yes! Y’all have that on lock but cornrows and dreadlocks, eh not so much. I think it’s a hair texture thing tho.

    Most white women can’t maintain cornrows/dreads over any extended period because those kind of styles are more favorable for kinky and coil-y hair. Even my bi-racial kid with wavy/curly hair can’t rock cornrows or dreads because her hair isn’t the right texture for it.


    Yeah, so I think the view is that anyone can wear boxer braids or cornrows but it’s not cool to act like it’s a new trend that white women came up with, when it’s actually a classic black hairstyle.

    ETA just saw your response, Cleopatra, and agree that lots of small braids often don’t look good on white people’s hair. Like when we get a head of tiny cornrows on vacation, it usually looks silly.


    Wow what idiot yells at a 3yr old over their hair? Culture appropriate because of braids in hair? Seriously, no culture owns hair styles. Its your hair, do it how you feel.

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 70 total)
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