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  • Hannah
    March 4, 2023 at 12:23 pm #1118957

    I’m 29yo/f. I met a guy on a dating app a while ago. it’s become all about sex and can’t deny it’s been always good to have sex with him though that time of my life it’s made me sick to not treated well and being understanded at that point. I started to has feelings for him and liked him a lot but he didn’t seem to care for me deeply.
    I mean mostly didn’t pay attention towards my feelings as never really asked how I feel.
    He didn’t accept to have a relationship and said he wasn’t ready for it as he was recently divorced.

    it’s been a little hard and lonely time of me that I contacted to him and made it about sex too.
    Now met him twice but I started to act the same as I want an emotional connection and how he doesn’t seem ready after months.

    Now I feel stupid to repeat the same circle but I like him. I’m not dying for him it’s just challing to accept why not me?
    it’s made me think it’s about me that I’m not beautiful or bad, or whatever that he doesn’t want to even try with me or get to know me deeply as a human or a friend.

    What do you suggest me?

    Thank you everyone who can reply X

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    March 4, 2023 at 12:53 pm #1118958

    This is very similar to another letter in the forums this week:

    At least in the other letter the guy seemed to treat the woman nice enough. Your dude isn’t even nice to you. There’s no future for you in this relationship. It’s just sex and you’re clear that you want an emotional connection and the dude is clear that he doesn’t. The sex may feel good physically but it’s leaving you emotionally unsatisfied, and the more you keep sleeping with the guy, the more emotionally unsatisfied you’ll feel. Beyond that, it’s affecting your self-esteem. You’re beginning to wonder what it is about YOU that he doesn’t want more than just sex from you. But it’s not about you; it’s about him. To be emotionally invested in someone requires some effort and he doesn’t want to make the effort. This is not a reflection on you. But since you aren’t in the headspace to see that clearly, it’s really imperative that you move on from this guy. Delete and block his number and don’t sleep with someone again unless you are sure you only want sex or the guy has truly invested in an emotional connection with you.

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Dated a divorced guy and he doesn’t treat me that nice

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