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Daughter in law rejects our gifts?

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    Yikes,just yikes! I would feel so disrespected if I were Grandma’s DIL. My mom does this type of thing to me and it has damaged our relationship. It is very controlling and does not acknowledge that we are all individuals with our own interests, tastes and ways of doing things. I have started to just say no and I am perceived as ungrateful jerk for not wanting things I do not like or ask for. I even moved to a 300 square ft. place so I literally have no room for extra stuff and she still persists… So rude!

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    There is only so much art someone can put in their home. I’m looking around my living room right now and all we have up is a decorative mirror. Maybe your DIL is more a decorative mirror person and you just can’t see it. Yes gifts should be accepted graciously but on the other hand after they are given it is up to the person to do what they want with it. Obviously, both her and your son want to throw them in the trash, but can’t because you are always at their house and certainly would be offended if it’s not there.

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    You are so wrong here. STOP giving these paintings and sculptures. Your DIL is too polite to tell you she doesn’t want them. Listen to your son. You are being extremely obtuse. Art is VERY PERSONAL and everyone has a totally different taste. You cannot impose your style on someone else. They own enough art from you…no more. From now on give things such as: Gift card to her favorite clothes store, fancy soap/lotion, hand poured natural candle, gift card to a book store, cute travel coffee mug. If your son gives you an idea go with that. What does your DIL love? What are her hobbies? Stop giving art…it’s ridiculous how many times you have given art to them even when your son asks you to please stop. Are you always this stubborn?

Viewing 3 posts - 109 through 111 (of 111 total)
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