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    Teri Anne

    It is not wrong for the LW to want to leave her boyfriend because she is tired of his abusive behavior. Even though she loves him and cares about him, she does not have the power to make him better. Depression is a physical as well as a mental illness, and only medical attention will help him. I know this firsthand with my mentally ill husband. No matter how patiently I explained that his delusions were not real, he refused to believe me.

    Like other correspondents have suggested, make a careful plan to leave so that you are not in danger. And if he threatens suicide, seek medical help for him.

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    Hello Everyone,
    I have dealt with depression a lot in my life and more when my mom passed away after my graduation. I have learned to deal with it in my own way. However, I have friends who ask for help and I have no idea how to help them but tell them about my experience, which seems selfish. So, what I am asking is, how do I go about helping my friends with their depression? Is what I’m doing selfish or being relatable?

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    As someone who has had problems with mental illness with themselves and loved ones, I honestly don’t pity anyone who has been diagnosed and refuses to seek help. I was diagnosed with a disorder called PANDAS (I’ll let you google that on your own) at seven years old. At that age, I was wise enough to ask for help. I still see psychiatric help and still take antidepressants. I have always said that “depression is not a personality trait”. It shouldn’t be pushed down and never be discussed in the same breath. He needs to talk to a professional. It is not fair to you. There are so many mental help professionals that he could speak to. You could offer to go with him for a few appointments. But you can’t let him treat you like this because it could turn into emotional abuse very quickly.

Viewing 3 posts - 13 through 15 (of 15 total)
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