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    avatarJohn Smith

    Dilemma between friends. Help me decide if what I did was right.

    This post will seem immature but it’s created a large argument between my friends.

    To start off, there is a game called Valorant in beta right now. The only way to get into the beta is to have a riot account attached to a twitch account and watch a valorant stream for a chance to be dropped a key.

    I really wanted to get into the beta, so I created 3 twitch accounts and 3 riot accounts to increase my chances (please don’t sue). I had one account on my computer, one on my phone with a VPN to change the IP, and I asked a friend (who I’ll call Paul) to open a stream.

    My friends and I all wanted keys so we could play together. I get one right away, and a couple of my friends get them too. One friend sells his key for a $140 profit. Another friend (who I’ll call Steve) didn’t get a key, but really wants to play.

    Paul ends up getting a key on his twitch account after I get a key, but he can’t play it because he doesn’t have a computer. I am the only one who has access to the riot account, so I’m in control of the extra account with the key.

    I say that I will give it to Steve because he doesn’t have a key, but Paul felt betrayed because he thought that I would sell the key and give him all of the money (which would be around $40).

    The argument ensues over whether the key should be sold or given to Steve. Paul argues that he worked for the key and won the key, so he should decide what to do with it, saying that he would rather have no one play on the account than have Steve play on it.

    In the end, I flipped a coin and it favored selling the key, so I agreed on the condition that Paul and I would split the money because I set up the account for him and the “work” that he did was just leaving a stream on an extra device. He gets even more angry, calling me selfish because I took some of the money.

    If I give the key to Steve, Paul is angry. If I sell it because Paul wants to, Steve is angry because Paul would rather have $20 than let us play together. We are all teens, know each other well, and play games with each other a lot, so things are now awkward. Did I make the right decision? What advice can you give me to resolve the situation?

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    If I’m understanding correctly, the group of people who were going to play together were not the same as the group of people who were working to get the keys? Otherwise, why are people selling keys if they wanted to play?

    Did Paul understand going in that he was just doing you all a favor by working to get a key that he couldn’t use? That there wasn’t going to be compensation? Or did he just realize there was money to be made when the other guy sold his key?

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    Steve wants to play soooo bad, but he can’t come up with a spot of money for Paul, for chrissakes?

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    I agree with FYI, just have Steve buy the key from you and give all the profits to Paul. Give him a “friend” rate if you want and be done with it.

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    Steve is a cheap bum. And so are you for insisting on splitting the money.

    But really — you ALL need to grow the heck up.

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    Also, no one is doing manual labor here, so this —
    the “work” that [Paul] did was just leaving a stream on an extra device — is ridiculous. That’s all anyone did was click around; it’s not hard. It’s shitty of you to say he deserves nothing, when he did that as a favor to you. A favor.

    Don’t be a shit to your friends.

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    I’m so fucking old I didn’t understand a word of this post! I’m a middle aged white woman with a fb account and that’s it. So embarrassing. I swear I used to be cool!

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    The amount of money being disputed here is not worth the effort being put into it.

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