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Does he like me?

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    Him freaking out about your makeout session isn’t a sign he’s interested in you. Its a red fucking flag. Possessiveness & jealousy isn’t cute or flattering. Its hell being in a relationship with someone with these qualities

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    This isn’t going anywhere good, whether he “likes you” or not. You’re playing games, he’s inappropriately freaking out. Nope nope nope. Walk away.

    For future reference:

    1) Don’t play stupid, immature games like telling him how you made out with another guy to make him jealous. That’s middle-school nonsense, and a more mature guy would have seen what you were doing and immediately written you off. Nobody wants a girlfriend/boyfriend who plays games.

    2) That freakout when you told him about the other guy was not good. At all. Either he’s extremely immature (which means he’d be a terrible boyfriend), or he’s irrationally possessive with a woman he hasn’t even gone on a date with. Don’t mistake that kind of behavior for love or devotion or passion. It’s a giant red flag. Normal, healthy adult men don’t act that way.

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    It’s scary, but if you want to know how they feel, there’s only one way.

    You can’t analyse things forever. And in the meantime, the way that you’ve been acting (either cool or flirting with other guys), he could easily eventually get the impression that YOU’RE the one who isn’t interested.

    Maybe start off hanging out just you and him sometimes, with stuff you have in common. Then maybe ask him out on an actual date. as in “how would you feel about us going on a date?” or somesuch. You’d need to make sure there were no ambiguities about hanging out as friends.

    This isn’t a guy you’ve met 5 mins ago, that you can argue maybe if he got to know you better he’d like you more. He’s known you for long enough to know how he feels about you. If he doesn’t feel the same, it’s worth you finding out now, not like 3 years of pining down the line.

    This whole… makign out with other people thing is confusing. He makes out with someone else, then gets really OTT cos you did the same? And if you’re so into him, what did it achieve making out with someone and then TELLING the guy you like? Don’t get me wrong, I dated a few people before I was exclusive, but I’ve never rubbed that in the face of anyone i was dating or interested in. Why are you both doing this to each other?

Viewing 3 posts - 13 through 15 (of 15 total)
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