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Dog Adoption: Moral Dilemma

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    Keep the dog, give it a good life. Yes, you could get another dog. But there will ALWAYS be more dogs that need saving, and you can’t save every single one. That dog was at a KILL shelter, and they weren’t contacting the shelter. I don’t think they actually cared. Maybe they like drugs and can’t keep track of time, I don’t know. I don’t even care if they didn’t have the money, because they weren’t in contact with the shelter.

    If it was my dog, I’d be in contact. Let’s say, for some reason, I lost my credit card, my debit account got frozen, and I got mugged for all the cash I had on hand, I’d still haul ass to the shelter, especially at a kill shelter. I’d beg. Please don’t kill or adopt out my dog. I’d offer to work/volunteer there, anything. That’s the difference.

Viewing 73 post (of 73 total)
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