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    I understand that you are appalled but your idea to trap him when he comes to pick his stuff for a talk about your relationship and his cheating is just… a no go. You want to get rid of this stuff, not to talk more with him, have more of his lies and lame justifications. He has nothing to tell you. He just sucks.
    What is it in this stuff? I would send it, if it is not expensive, and if it is, deposit it in a box at his door and leave him a message like: this will be at your door at xx hour. His problem then. And you are removed of this problem.
    Remember: he sucks. Good riddance.

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    You could also drop it at his work if you can do so keeping it together and not having to see him — like at a receptionist desk.

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    I do think texting him and saying, “I will leave a box of your belongings at your place of work on Friday, December 11th at 3pm” would make you the bigger person. Or even- “I will leave your items on my stoop on Friday, at 4 pm. If they are still outside at 9pm, I am going to leave them at the dumpster behind my house.”
    Or mail them if you want. It really depends on what the belongings are.

    Block him on social media. When he’s gotten his shit back, block his number. Don’t text him or try to see him in person to talk. He cheated because he wanted to, because he liked sex with you and her. You’re right, he probably doesn’t respect you, or her or women much. So now you know. He’s not worth any more of your time.

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    Pack his stuff up, give him a suitable time (after he finishes work) where he can collect it, and place it outside for him. There is zero point in speaking to him, he has already wasted enough of your time. Watch from behind a curtain and flick him the v’s if it makes you feel better, but don’t engage with him at all, there is no point.Also if he gave you covid as well as heartbreak, that’d be extra crap, we only need to see those who really care right now, and he plainly doesn’t. It really really sucks and I hope you find someone much better soon.

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    What kind of stuff are we talking about?

    I mean if its a good hoodie and sweats that you can wear, keep that shit. Don’t donate it.

    Make one last attempt to tell him he can come get his shit and tell him you have no intentions of confronting him because you’ve moved on. If he does not get it, its yours.

Viewing 5 posts - 13 through 17 (of 17 total)
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