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Doozy of a Letter from Woman Who Found a DW Column About Herself

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    Avatar photoCrochet.Ninja

    i couldn’t even get through it all. but everything she said, all i could think is ‘the kid is 10 years old!’ who cares if her dad cuts up her pancakes or gets her juice?? who cares if she wrote on the whiteboard? because seriously, it’s a white board, isn’t that everyone’s first instinct?

    counseling, ftw. or just leave, and let that guy and his daughter move on.

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    Avatar photoLianne

    This was my takeaway. Because, pancakes.

    “Who knows since he always microwave pancake for her in the morning ‘cause that’s what she wants.”

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    She’s not going to leave him, she’s in this forever, because -wait for it- anything can happen! I know because I skipped to the last paragraph.

    But come on guys, pancakes are soft, what kind of a loser kid needs them cut up???

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    Avatar photoDiablo

    This is why Maury and Jerry Springer always invite the wronged party to comment. It’s important to get both sides of the story. Plus you get more shoe throwin’ and hair pullin.’

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    I hope this woman never procreates.

    You’re crazy as a heifer on a full moon, and your husband is a certified idiot.

    Also, let’s not paint this as anything other than visa grubbing.

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    Wowwwwww. I can’t even. If you really did read the whole thing @McLovin you definitely deserve a prize! I had to skip large chunks because it was unintelligible.

    Also, interestingly, I listed to a podcast (idk my husband listens to podcasts in the car and I was with him.. RadioLab maybe?) about facebook where they talked about reported photos and that most people were “reporting” photos where they didn’t like the photo, not where it was actually inappropriate. So they added a feature which asked why you are reporting the photo and if it was because you didn’t like it, it instead offered you the option to message the person to take it down. The Facebook guy they were interviewing said that very few people bother to message, they just give up.
    So this 10 year old is not just more mature than everyone in her house, she is more mature than most facebook users. Shame on this LW for bullying a little girl.

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    HOLY CRAP. First, you’re from the Philippines?? I’m from there and I am terribly embarrassed at how poorly you treat this CHILD who is within her ‘rights’ to ask a glass of juice from her FATHER. And from the sound of it, it sounds like you are stuck in a third world mentality of having a man do everything for you, including getting you a green card. ANYWAY.

    The first step here is to get over yourself.
    The second step here is to choose: you either get counseling or stay with a family (that can clearly do better than you) or don’t get counseling and find someone else to leech on.

    The end.

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    Avatar photoStonegypsy

    I couldn’t even get through that. The lady sounds like a crazy person.

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    Avatar photohoneybeenicki

    I think I’m going to have to come back to this… I can’t read it all at once. It makes my head spin.

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    For me, the most surprising thing from this letter is that she is from New Zealand! We knew she was not from the US, so I was thinking… well English is not her first language… but it is!
    I love everything about this letter. The passive agressive messages on the whiteboard (??!?!?!?). The truly outrageous messages from a 10 yo on FB. The cheating dad, who apparently cheated on the ex-wife with the new wife and tried to cheat on the new wife. The “accidental” snooping. I’m embarrassed to admit it, but it makes me feel so well adjusted!

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    Oh my God I had missed entire paragraphs in the middle it is even worse than I thought!

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    @maryann I am not so sure where she is from or what her first language is. At times she mentions living in the Philippines, Canada, and New Zealand. So it is possible she’s Filipino, or otherwise English is not her first language, although it seems like for the last 10 years she’s mostly lived in English-speaking countries and has an English-speaking spouse, so she is probably decently fluent and just on the crazy train.

    Also did anyone notice that he was supposed to meet her in the Philippines but stood her up to meet a different woman (who he later impregnated and married) in Singapore. This guys is a dirty cheater with a weird Asian fetish and I’m scared for his kid.

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