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    Aw poor kid. To be the most mature one in a house of adults must be terrifying. What fucking kind of moron competes with a 10 year old? How small minded do you have to be exactly? Idiot. And no – not educated…not from the line of ” you guyz…” Please let the mother be decent. Please let the mother be decent. Please let the mother be decent.

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    Don’t worry Wendy, I’m sure AP and Guy Friday know how to contact the appropriately shady internet lawyers to help you beat this rap. Wait, what is she charging you with again? Anyway, I’m less worried about what the (internet) law will do, as opposed to your parents. You could get internet grounded, and they could take away your access to the real world for two weeks!

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    Wow…. just wow. I can’t even begin to wrap my head around so much crazy in one person.

    As other people have said I really feel for the child in this situation.

    LW, if you read this response (I assume you will because your are a selfish and arrogant individual) you need to shut up and realize that you are not the most important person in your husband’s life, his daughter is. So grow up and start acting like a mature adult instead of bating a 10y/o girl into arguments and attempting to destroy her relationship with her father.

    Frankly, the Father should MOA and get the hell away from you.

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    Why do I get the feeling that the dad isn’t going anywhere? He’s going to hang on to this woman and keep meeting women on the sly and his poor daughter is just going to be stuck in the middle of it all. He is probably the worst of everyone in this mess, all about his needs and wants and couldn’t give a crap who he steamrolls over in pursuit of his own comfort.

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    I don’t even know what I just read.

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    Some how I feel writing “I’M YOUR DADS WIFE NOW, SO DEAL WITH IT!” on a white board for this girl to just happen apon and then have to constantly look at is probably worse than having yeld it at her. Crazy Canadians! Oh and she she accidetly saw an email from 2013. I love how she desises this kid so much, does’t have a single good word to say about her, and then says “She calls me wonderful because I AM a wonderful human being” and then bully blames the exwife, because “mother has me influence than father” but the father was off flying around the world to sleep with different women instead of being a dad.

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    Also, for the record, even though she has totally know the father (online) for years, the kid hasn’t known her new step mom for very long. I love how the LW totally brushes off all of the kid’s (completely normal) adjustment period by saying that she’s know her husband for years.

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    Wow, just wow. THis HAS to be some record for length, right? And it isnt even actually a letter to Wendy asking for advice….just wow. I did, in fact make it through the whole thing, for the record, but I must say, it is a special type of person who will take the time to explain to you why the hurt feelings of a child are wrong and why that person is actually right.

    Also, she is right- who in their right mind leaves New Zealand for really anywhere in the US (for some dude that has been stringing her along for the better part of a decade at least)???? So, Crazy McCrazypants, I agree with you. Your logic is in fact wholly out of wack.

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    That is way too much to read. I can barely understand most of it anyway. Bonkers.

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    I can’t believe I missed this. Wow, that is one crazy bitch.

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    It’s still impossible to read.

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    Why are we revisiting a 2015 letter now ?

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