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    Dear WendyDear Wendy

    In another thread this week, the idea of creating a DW glossary of terms came up. This would be helpful for anyone who is new to the site or not up on every little inside phrase, joke, reference, etc. I can link to the glossary in the header and we can refer anyone with questions to the glossary for quick explanations. So, what words and phrases should be included in the DW glossary of terms? Here’s what I’ve got so far (and I’m just looking for terms to include right now, not the definition):

    TF/The Frisky
    City Wendy
    Enjoy Sweden
    Aim Higher
    Ramona (as in, “I miss Ramona.” or “What would Ramona do?”)
    Copper pots
    Deleted Thread

    What else should be included? I know there’s more!

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    Dear WendyDear Wendy


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    LBH I think that is Dan Savage’s? Not sure I don’t read his stuff.

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    WWS and WES ?

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    My personal favorite (that probably needs no explanation) – Forever Train!

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    Oh, oops. I’ve only heard it here.

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    Spring in your hot pocket

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    I notice that sometimes people will mention frequent commenters not by their whole handle, or even in reference to a comment that they’ve made in the past. Maybe it would be a good idea to add something like BGM stands for Bittergaymark, AP stands for Addie Pray, LBH stands for let’s-be-honest, etc?

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    If I was new, I would need some of these defined: BGM, LBH, AP, IWTTS, etc.

    I also had two colossally bad DW ideas today that I can’t resist sharing. One is a deleted thread consisting entirely of unsolicited advice. It could be a recipe for disaster, but it could be fun for those who don’t take themselves too seriously. Or we could stipulate that the advice would be for celebs (“Kim Kardashian, please just… I can’t even… oh fuck it!”) The other is called “Dear Dear Wendy.” Have you ever noticed that everyone, including any of us, is always asking Wendy for advice? Well, I want WENDY to ask US for advice! (I can practically feel Wendy cringing as she reads this.) It would have to be something real to carry any weight. Then, like many LWs, she could decline to follow our wisdom, and later update us on how things turned out. (Probably better than when LWs don’t follow her advice.) Don’t thank me – it’s enough to know I’m helping.

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    @CMH – Jinx!

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    Second wws as well as for other regular commenters like WLBHS or WAPS. Relationship red flags? Or is that self explanatory? Don’t forget to include DW itself as a glossary term. Also “the forums” (like a link not necessarily a definition). On the mobile version especially it’s not that obvious what/where they are for first time visitors.

    Finally, maybe it’s a popular post candidate instead of a term, but the “move in check list” seems to apply to SO many forum posters’ questions that it should be somehow more prominent.

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