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    So, I’ve historically been pretty careful about my anonymity but we’re living in pretty unusual times, so if anyone’s interested, I think that it would be fun to do a Zoom or google meet. I’m thinking that late evening on a weeknight (after 9pm) EDT would be best.

    If you email me at Fyodor32768 at the gmail email service and let me know times that work best for everyone, I’ll try to schedule something that accommodates as many people as possible. I will keep secret everyone’s identities, but if you want to add additional security, you can create a new email address for this purpose.

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    Technically this is the advice forum so I will phrase it as a request for advice:

    Hi Everyone

    I live in a dysfunctional country that elected a man with late stage neurosyphilis as its head of state. As a result, a deadly pandemic has been allowed to rage unabated, disrupting normal social arrangements indefinitely. Should I invite my fellow participants on an online discussion forum to a zoom conference?

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    LW – I think if you were to make such an event that there would be many people interested in participating. It seems like a good idea to me.

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    I’d be keen if the time zones are compatible. It looks like around 11am here so as long as I don’t have any work meetings I can take an early lunch. Our office has just been closed due to a potential exposure so it’s back to pj pants on the couch anyway lol.

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    I’m in. I wanna see if anyone looks at all how I imagine. After 9 on a weeknight is a good time for me

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    Not going to lie – 9pm is when I start wondering how long before I can reasonably head to bed. But I would love to see your smiling faces. I’ll do my best to clean up my smudged eyeliner and put on lipstick. No promises… mostly because work is a little overwhelming – 2 year project goes live (with luck) on Monday.

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    avatarDear Wendy

    Fun! My zoom attention span isn’t long but I’d love to pop in for a bit and say hi and see your faces. Keep us posted, Fyodor!

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    Great. If people are interested, please email at the address above with availability and I’ll email back with time and link.

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    ::raises hand:: I’ll play!

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    I could pop in…

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    I might be interested.

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    I might be interested as well. That’s 6pm where I’m at…

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