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    So I have a friend who booked a house through VRBO this past weekend for a belated brithday weekend away. On the group chat he said that there could be a max of 15 people at the place. The place can sleep 13 and so there were 3 couples sharing beds, the remainder were single beds and all 15 ppl made it. So I assumed the price given for the rental was for 15 ppl.

    I found out the first night that there were more people than what was booked through the house. One of the guests asked us to avoid stopping and saying hi to the owner as we drove by the owners house to the rental so they wouldn’t catch on there were extra people. So I assumed more than 15 people were attending. When I got in, I realized no, there were only 15ppl. So this confused me as it was equivalent to what was told to us by my friend on the chat.

    The last day there I find out through one of the guests that my friend only booked the place for 8 people, so there were 7 more people than what was booked and paid for. As a result, my friend got charged extra for those people (approx $500). So the concern with extra people the first night was not because there were more than 15, rather there was more than 8ppl.

    We all paid $100 per person to cover the 8 person cost of the place (approx $1500).

    This friend just messaged us that because we had more people attend than what the original booking was, he is asking that we each pay him the difference. In reality, there weren’t more people as he advertised that 15 people could attend, we all paid the equivalent for that. I am on the side that he deliberately lied to the renter on the number of people attending to cut costs down, and don’t believe it is our place to pay him extra. He did not advertise to us that only 8ppl could attend, he always stated that 15ppl could attend. I am also morally pissed that he lied about this to the renter and tried to get away with cheaper prices for everyone. This is the last time I am going on a trip like this with him. He has done some stuff similar, but not to this extent before, so this is the last straw.

    Would appreciate thoughts before I go to him with my thoughts and concerns.

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    what your friend did was incredibly rude to the people he invited and also stealing from the person renting the property….so it should have been up to him to pay the difference….the fact he had the nerve to ask you guys to cough up additional money is completely ridiculous….i don’t blame you for not wanting to do this again

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    I agree with cdobbs. I myself would maybe try to fudge about 1-2 people but never 8! That seems a bit ridiculous that he thought they wouldn’t know. He is the one responsible for what happened so I wouldn’t give him any more money.

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    If my math is right, that’s an extra ~$30ish per person. I personally wouldn’t make $30 my hill to die on, but I would not go on a trip with him again. I’ve done AirBnB before where my group had one more guest than the host allowed, and didn’t think much of it, but your friend was trying to nearly double the number guests and that’s not cool.

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    So wait, the extra $500 is what your friend was fined by the owner for exceeding the allowed number of guests at the property? And even though he’s the one who decided to invite 7 extra people, he wants all of you to pony up to cover the extra fee that he incurred? I agree with Copa that I’d probably just give him the $30, and also a lecture about how he’s lucky to get it from anyone because it’s his own damn fault for trying to break the rules in the first place. And definitely don’t go on any more trips that he plans.

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    Ya, $30 isn’t a whole lot per person, it is just the deliberate act of deceiving the landowner, as well as the people attending thinking that all costs were covered under the $100 we paid upfront. If this was additional costs prior to the trip, then fine we can sort it out. But after the fact I think it is unfair, especially since he got ‘caught.’

    I asked him about how many people he initially asked for in the booking, and he said 10 ppl, so would have been $115 per person based on the housing prices I looked up on VRBO. So we paid less than what it could have been, but he did admit in his response to me he hoped to not get caught, and he did with extra people. So now the extra costs have to be paid by us all.

    My BF made a fair point that maybe the additional 5 people only pay the costs, seeing as it was those additional people that were being charged, not the first 10ppl who paid into it.

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    Up to you how you want to handle it but I see it like this

    Your friend booked a place based not on the number of people it could hold but by the price he thought he should pay – $100/person. He tried to get one over on the owner and dragged everyone in to this mess.

    If you’d gone with 8 people, it’d be roughly $190 person. With the surcharge and the extra people it came to $133-ish a person.

    If everyone does pay up – he ends up saving $60 because he lacks ethics. I’d talk to your friends and each give him $128 so that he has to cover that additional $60.

    I feel like I just wrote a math problem for a high school math course that if I got in high school I wouldn’t be able to answer because I could never do math problems.

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    Yeah, but those 5 people didn’t know they were breaking the rules either, so it’s unfair to put the extra costs all on them. Really, your friend ought to cover it because he’s the one at fault. It would be generous of you to pay in, and I would if you care about maintaining the friendship, but otherwise you’d be justified in telling him to kick rocks.

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    No that is true @Vathena….no one else has responded.

    My BF (so smart this guy) also made a point that as an engineer he (my friend) has a code of standard and ethics to follow, which realistically plays into your day to day. So this is just an indirect breach of that ethics.

    I am also a professional in my field and am held by similar standards and codes, so it is really disappointed. He also admitted he has done this in the past, so lied to owners and our friends being dragged into his tricks unwillingly.

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    I’d probably just pay him the extra $30 because I hate conflict, but I’d definitely never go on a trip with him again. I hate that sort of deception, and when booking houses with groups of people I always make sure to never exceed the max number of people, and obviously never lie about the number attending. I have good Airbnb reviews that I would never want to risk!

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    This is a little confusing but it sounds like he’s an idiot.

    He quoted you a price. You paid it. He’s gotta eat the cost of being dumb. I would just not Venmo him.

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    Yeah, he deceived you, your friends and the owners of the VRBO. He should eat the cost. It’s the idiot tax. I’d just ignore his request.

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