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Dear Wendy

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    After reading your other post, Scarlett, I’d say you’re desperately lonely and hoping that now the bully has no friends she’ll be happy to be your friend. The problem with the bully is that she will still bully. She will take and take and take and put you down nonstop for as long as you allow it. Her other friends have dumped her because she isn’t a nice person. She isn’t a friend. Her Facebook complaints show she hasn’t learned a thing. There is no moment of insight where she realizes she has to be a nicer person. She’s still trying to bully the friends and the only access she has to do that is through Facebook.

    Who are the other people giving you advice? Are they friends? Potential friends?

    Have you heard of

    They have groups for a huge variety of interests, from professional to special interest to sports. They are designed to help you meet people who have similar interests. They are designed to help you make friends.

    Even shy people can go and have fun.

Viewing 13 post (of 13 total)
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