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    Also this:

    “And I want to add that we have a pretty wonderful relationship. We love each other very much and have been talking about marriage and our own home and forever. Unless it was all just fake?”

    Doesn’t really mean anything unless he’s taking you ring shopping and to look at homes. Even then, until it happens it’s just talk.

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    Who is paying for this home? That’s the part that I’d be concerned about. And if he can’t pay for his own home, then he shouldn’t be spending money on a diamond. But yeah, until either of you has proposed, and the other has agreed, then this is all fantasy.

    I’m not saying that he has to pay more than you – I’m saying he has to be able to pay his half. And with four kids – does that mean a 5 bedroom house? Or a three bedrooms and his kids continue sleeping in the living room? Or three bedrooms and each pair of kids share a room?

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    Um… on your other thread you said your boyfriend has horrible depression and treats you badly and you want to leave. Which is it?

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    My goodness, yes, on the other thread we’re giving you guidance to leave your abusive boyfriend!

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