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    Ohh I love this! My favorite is “Don’t settle for the crumbs of a relationship”…..or something to that effect

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    I would definitely buy the “the answer is NO GUYS.”

    Also, a quick and dirty version of the standard sort of MOA question, like “My boyfriend has three kids by three different women. What should I do?” on the front, with “MOA!” really huge on back with “(Move on Already)” in tiny letters underneath? That would be awesome.

    Also, there have been a couple of “That isn’t a relationship” answers, and that would be awesome on a t-shirt. And definitely yes to “When someone tells you who they are, listen.” I would totally buy that on a t-shirt.

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    @katie whoops, didn’t see that!

    I’m trying to think of more, but my memory jumbled everything together 🙁 haha. Some of these would definitely be great on a shirt, though

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    “You Dim Sum, You Lose Some” 🙂

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    I loved the one from Iwannatalktosampson something like “He can’t have his cake and bang it too.”

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    I’ve always been fond of spouting off something like “Just because nothing is outwardly WRONG in a relationship, doesn’t mean it’s RIGHT.” Mostly because we see a lot of people staying in relationships by default, because there’s nothing *bad* about it, per se. And that bugs me!

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    Oh, and don’t we all like to say “Having needs isn’t the same thing as being needy.” Is that an original Wendy-ism?

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    Firestar you just made my day, week and month. I wonder if this is what Addie pray always feels like everyday. Although what a classy quote. I’m hoping I was having an off day when I said that.

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    @ Iwanna – classy be damned – I just thought it was genius because everyone knew exactly what you were talking about… and guys try it all.the.time.

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    “Having needs is not the same thing as being needy!” That was courtesy of yours truly, I just have to claim my credit haha. Glad it spoke to people!

    “You can’t have your cake and bang it too” is classic, love it.

    I also really liked what Anna said on today’s letter regarding monogamy and men claiming it isn’t natural. Something about living in caves and not eating with silverware… so true!

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    I think this us credited to Chris Rock but it gets said here and I love it: if you’ve been going out for X months and you haven’t met any of his friends, he’s not your boyfriend.

    Aw honey”, I think Wendy says that at the start of a reply to a really mixed up LW.

    The handles of the top 5 or 10 faithful commenters. I find myself wondering if Addie Pray is happy with her job choice, if Anna is communicating at all with her ex after so many years together, if BitterGayMark is less bitter “live” than in writing.

    And Drew and Jackson!

    And the names of the differnt types of entries: Your Turn, the update letters, week-end open thread, the deleted forever thread!, Ten Things…, Wendy’s alphabet essays, etc.

    Two things that were said on here that make me laugh when I think of them: Addie’s soda pressing joke and someone who said “holy Whiskey Tango Foxtrot!”

    If you need to ask this question you probably already know the answer.

    And all the ones above people mentioned!

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    @AnotherWendy – Yes, we do communicate, mostly via text message. We’ve spoken on the phone a couple times. He’s lonely and miserable down there and nowhere close to making enough money to move out of his parents’ house. He’s entertained the possibility of coming back to Ohio but I was dead serious when I said I would only consider taking him back if he comes with an engagement ring, and I’ve made that perfectly clear. I’m not wasting any more of my time.

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