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Flirting, Testing the Waters, or Trying to make his girlfriend jealous?

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    I started a new job in May as an intern. I quickly became close friends with the other interns, and learned that the majority of us were in relationships. I had a boyfriend at the time, and it just ended. There is one guy that I had become very close with as we shared the same background and home life. He has a girlfriend that he has been dating for 2 years. It soon turned into subtle compliments such as you look nice, or finding excuses to talk to each other. Yesterday, we hung out in a group of people for the 4th. We soon found ourselves alone for about two to three hours. We talked about relationships, and how mine had just ended. He told me that I deserved better, and that I should know that. He expressed his frustrations with his girlfriend to me, and how she was mad at him for playing iMessage games with me at work. He was frustrated due to the fact that she gives guys her numbers at bars all the time, and can talk to whoever she wants. But when he does it, she gets mad and refuses to talk to him. At the end of the conversation, he made a comment about how he wishes he had a girlfriend like me, and that if he was single that this is something that could happen. When I was leaving, he invited me to his apartment. I said no because he has a girlfriend. After I left, he started texting me. Like double texting and paragraph type messages. This even carried into work today. He told a mutual friend about his frustrations with his girlfriend and how he thinks he’s going to break up with her. He messaged me a couple of times asking me to come sit with him. Our friends wanted to go out to eat lunch, and he said he only would if I went. After we left work today, he hasn’t reached out at all. I’m not sure if this was him flirting or being genuine? Or was he trying to test the waters? Or was he simply trying to make his girlfriend jealous?

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    Oh, he was flirting alright. And looking for a sidepiece.

    When a guy starts trash-talking his girlfriend to you while flirting, run.

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    He’s not respecting his relationship. Leave out all the things he says about her, that’s beside the point. He’s still with her and flirting with you. Inviting you to his place is totally inappropriate and not really that respectful of you, either. You know that, right? You know that he’s not a loyal bf. Why get involved, even if he did break up with her?

    Generally, I would not get involved with people you work with. It can get messy. Focus on the internship and less on this not-great guy.

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    Yikes. Would you want to date a guy who gripes about his girlfriend to other women and tries to start up other relationships before the last one is over? Because one day, you might be the girlfriend who he’s complaining about and trying to use as a flirting tactic.

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