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    My friend has recently joined a pyramid scheme and won’t listen to me that it’s a bad idea. It’s been putting a strain on our relationship because she keeps complaining about how people are rude to her messages and how they’re not real friends by supporting her and takes offence when I tell her it’s a pyramid scheme and she wont make any money from it. She’s been in a tough financial situation for a while so I understand why she’s doing it but I don’t want to see her get hurt. How do I sound supportive without pretending to buy into the scam?

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    I think if she brings it up the easiest way would be to gently say you love and support her but don’t want to talk about it anymore. I’m not much for providing scripts but I’m sure you’ll know a way to say you’ve said your piece on it and now the topic is off the table so you can enjoy your time together. Once it inevitably falls apart, as it’s bound to do, try SUPER hard to not be all ‘I told you so’. Maybe it’ll be an opportunity to offer a different kind of support that might be actually useful to her rather than the pyramid scheme, I don’t know.

    There’s no guarantee your friendship will come out of this unscathed or at all but at least by taking the high road you’ll know you did what you could.

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    Just tell her you are NOT interested. Look, I do so get the desire to rescue your friend, but… she is too dumb to be rescued, I fear. 🤷‍♂️

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    Agree – there isn’t much you can do except explain as best you can that she can’t demand how people spend their hard earned money. She’s essentially asking her friends to pay her salary in exchange for cheap trinkets or shitty makeup.

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    Well, it’s not even just that she’s going to alienate her friends and family, it’s also that it’s a scam and she’s going to get stuck with merchandise she had to pay for and probably go into debt. Only a very few actually make money in these things. She’s going to realize that eventually, and hopefully you can be there for her and not say you told her so. But you can say firmly that you’re not going to buy into the pyramid scheme.

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    She has been told by the scamster that all she needs to do is sign up friends and relatives to be subsidiary partners under her, so that she gets a % of what these people and those they recruit sell. She is going to become angry at her stupid, disloyal friends when they turn her down on shelling out the big $ to be a partner. She is not going to be satisfied if friends and family just buy a token item of the overpriced crap she is selling. They will buy that item or two just to be polite and avoid hurting her feelings, but her goal is not selling her stuff it is recruiting new people to the pyramid scheme.

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    If you call it a pyramid scheme to her face, she’ll likely just think you’re unsupportive and not listen to anything you say. I’d make it more as if you’re on her side, and say you’ve heard so many things that you’re worried for her. Strongly encourage her to keep track of every single thing she spends money on to support her business.

    Tons of people forget a bunch of the costs associated with these things, or they hear their upline say “I made $1000 last month!” without realizing that the person had to spend $975 and put 200 hours of work in for an actual $25 profit.

    You can tell them you support THEM, but you won’t support a predatory company.

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    Just let her go down the rabbit hole. Some people have to learn the hard way.

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