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    I think early stages in pregnancy do become this sort of weird cat and mouse game where you suspect they’re pregnant but they’re not sharing yet and everybody just kind of winks and nods for a while. The only polite thing to do is keep your mouth shut until you’re told. A person isn’t a bad friend if they’re not ready to share news with you yet but thinking about cutting them off because of it might make you one.

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    What is wrong with you? Mind your own business. She does not owe you or anyone else an announcement.

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    Seriously let it go, as the others have said this is not about you and doesn’t reflect your friendship. I’m disturbed that you mention ‘we’ rather than I. Are you and your friends gossiping about the poor woman?

    People’s fertility journey is their business alone. I ask women about it everyday though – because I’m a gynaecologist! I never ever ask my friends or colleagues if they’re even planning on having any/more children, as I see so many couples struggling with infertility and pregnancy loss and every comment and question adds to their trauma.

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    avatarKate B.

    You treat her exactly as you always have, which I hope is better than this. Maybe she hasn’t told you because she doesn’t want to deal with your entitled attitude. She owes you nothing. And not everybody lives on Facebook.

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    I read all of your comments and wanted to thank everyone for being candid with me.
    Most of the replies here suggest that she might have been struggling to conceive or she might not b pregnant. I get it that her pregnancy is none of my business. A few days ago she did post a msg on our grp chat announcing her pregnancy and due date in 5 months. The post did look like it was fwded from social media (I don’t know since I’m not on social media currently). She also did tell us that they conceived within a couple of months of trying because she wanted a summer baby. Also clarifying…they are the healthiest family we know , so trust me she doesn’t have a secret illness or anything. Some other comments asked why we meet other people during covid. We are a bubble of 4 families and we don’t meet anyone else, go to work physically or send kids to school. So literally we have been the ONLY ppl she has been meeting with the last 12 months on most regular wknds and all spcl occasions. I congratulated her and am happy to offer her any support that she needs.

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    Again, I don’t see what is odd about her timeline for announcing her pregnancy. And I often learn of future babies and weddings online via Facebook. It’s 2021. Not 1921.

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    There’s nothing inherently wrong with announcing pregnancies on social media. I’ve announced all of my pregnancies on it, after informing my parents in person. Nobody got a formal announcement. What were you expecting exactly?

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