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    I am currently having a hard time with a friend. I have told her I always feel as though she is prioritizing guys over me. She was going to help me move in but I missed my time slot because she was with a guy. On my birthday, she invited another man she was seeing at the time and it felt like it was more important to spend time with him at my party than with me. I recently also hooked up a guy who was disrespectful to me, but she still wants to go climbing with him. I don’t know how to get her to realize how I feel, and how I should go about making the friendship better. Or if I should just completely cut her off. I don’t like that I have to ask to be prioritized.

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    hey maya!
    i think that communication is always key, and that expressing how you feel is the first step in helping out the friendship! sometimes people don’t realize that they are making you feel a certain way, so kindly bringing it to their attention and expressing your thoughts and feelings is the best way to get the ball rolling! once you’ve had a proper sit down conversation, and have set out what you’d like to see different and ask for your friend’s perspective on how they feel, but things continue to not be that great, its ok to move forwards from the friendship and focus on other ones! people are in our life for either a lesson or a lifetime- i am sure you’ve learned things about yourself and have had experiences during this friendship that will serve their purposes in shaping who you are as a person, so its good to be grateful for that but realize that maybe this isn’t meant to be a forever friendship right now! communicate your thoughts, see what happens, then be grateful for whatever the outcome is whenever you can and learn from it and then put your energy into something/someone that makes you feel more prioritized! best of luck 🙂

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