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    Giggling Roommate

    Before I went to college, my family was a “quiet at 11” type. Everyone who wants to go to bed can go without worrying of others being loud in the house. This means that anyone who isn’t sleeping has to be as quiet as possible meaning no loud talking, no laughing, no loud tv, etc. This has made me into a light sleeper with no real experience of any sounds to trigger me awake. Now that I’m in college, that’s not the same. My roommate tends to stay up later than I do and watches videos. Sometimes out loud, sometimes not. Just that alone wakes me up and keeps me awake. With that, he also tends to giggle a lot. Now, 30 minutes to an hour of this is ok, but this can go on for hours at a time deep into the AM’s. Right now, it’s almost 4 here and he’s been giggling for the last 4 hours. This has been happening since the beginning of the year and I’m not the confrontational type. However, I’ve also acknowledged the possibility that it might be me just being a sensitive sleeper. Am I overreacting about this or should I think about confronting?

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    Hi Tony-have you tried asking him nicely to tone it down? Inconsiderate of him in my opinion. You can also wear earplugs to bed if he won’t stop,or see about getting a private room or switching roomates.

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    Ask him to watch elsewhere or earlier in the night. Communicate. He’s being inconsiderate, but it’s understandable that he may not know he’s keeping you awake if you’ve not said anything.

    As for yourself, buy a white noise machine or fan and get some earplugs.

    If all else fails, he responds stubbornly and your sleep is affected, talk to your RA or try to switch roommates if possible.

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    Even a deep sleeper would be woken up by that! He needs to use headphones and you should check out ear plugs. Running a fan is also helpful. This isn’t a big ask. Its common curtsey really

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    agree with the earplugs, but nix to the headphones, my partner is a big loud laugher and he is 10x worse if he is wearing headphones. Do get really top notch ear protection. laughter may be a lovely lovely thing, but if you are trying to sleep it could send you mad- you are not being overly sensitive at all, it can be very intrusive, alienating and upsetting if heard out of context late at night when slipping in and out of dreams. I’d not feel happy telling anyone not to laugh but take steps to protect yourself before you end up mad enough to smother them with a pillow.

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    This would drive me crazy. I’m a terrible sleeper, and couldn’t even handle the college dorm. I bowed out of it and commuted. Anyway, here’s what I do: Mac’s earplugs (I wear the pink ones that are smaller), I run a fan in the room, not pointing at me if it’s cold, but for the white noise, and an eye mask. I also pop 2 melatonin gummies before bed, a couple Zzz-quil, and a tiny bit of Xanax(skip that last one).

    I also wouldn’t hesitate to mention to my roommate that their laughing until 2am is loud.

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    Get the small round black fan they sell everywhere, it’s amazing for noise stifling, and takes up very little space. You can put it on your nightstand.

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    Fellow light sleeper here – I sympathize! Like others have said, step one is just to say, clearly and directly: “hey, you’re keeping me up. Can you please go into the lounge?”

    I teach and live at a boarding school, so I‘ve dealt with a ton of roommate conflict. I can 100% promise you that your roommate has no idea he’s being inconsiderate. Just like you’re learning how to live with a roommate, so is he! Speaking up is the kind thing to do, because it helps him as well. He may even need a few reminders before it sinks in – that’s fine.

    If he’s a jerk about it, well, then earplugs and a white noise machine. But this is a great boundary to practice asserting. Good luck!

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    In college my best roommate and I had a “can’t be done elsewhere” rule about the room. So changing clothing, sleeping, being sick with a cold, all took precedence over studying and entertainment.

    If someone was sleeping – other activities had to be done elsewhere. If someone was changing, guests were held at the door until the other was presentable.

    Your roommate probably has no idea. Hopefully they are reasonable enough to either not watch that late or watch elsewhere.

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