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Girl I like blocked but views me

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    5/6 weeks ago you fell for a girl on Snapchat.

    You acted abnormally.

    And then she blocked you.

    So you unfriended her.

    You don’t want to “make sure she’s okay,” you want another shot.

    She doesn’t owe you that or anything else. You need to adjust what you expect from people. Just if you weren’t really feeling a girl who weirded you out on Snapchat, she’s allowed to feel that way, block you and move on.
    I agree about stories. Probably everyone thinks I’m obsessed with them because I put stories on and will set my phone down and “watch” them all, or they know we all do that or flip through them and it’s largely meaningless. It does mean there is a platform she hasn’t blocked you on yet, so don’t be weird on Instagram.

    Truly move on, as fyodor said, fun act about the population- over 50% are women.

Viewing 13 post (of 13 total)
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