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Got into a little conflict yesterday, who's the bigger asshole here?

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    I doubt that someone who uses the same name across all social media would be savvy enough to use a VPN to mask his IP or country of origin, so I’d fall on the side of believing it’s someone else.

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    Yeah, you *can* but I’ve only known one troll who did that. It’s not a Hunter type of thing to do.

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    Fair enough.

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    Hunter, you (might) have found one person who doesn’t think you are entirely in the wrong here. I don’t think it’s you, because you haven’t demonstrated the intelligence needed to mask an IP address. You are wrong in this entire scenario, involving your family was also wrong. Quite frankly I think you sound like an entitled snot who hasn’t had to face any consequences and therefor thinks the BS you pull is ok. You are about to be an adult and I am going to tell you something I wish someone had told me.

    ‘stop acting like your actions don’t have consequences. You aren’t alone in society and don’t have the right to act like you are.’

    I see a lot of my adolescent attitude in your comments and I promise you, if you don’t stop it’s a hard road. I hurt A LOT of people and ruined a lot of relationships because I didn’t care what wake my actions caused. it’s a really lonely and sad road. I hope you grow up a bit, because you aren’t setting yourself up success.

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    Miss MJMiss MJ

    Using a VPN when you know that your IP address can be seen isn’t exactly rocket science, though. I thought pretty much everyone used on when they were on public WiFi for security reasons, anyway.

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    I’ll keep an eye on it. If a bunch of randos start offering words of support on his posts, you can be pretty sure they’re fake.

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    Ah, well, it was just a theory… it was just so GUSHING in support.

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    Yeah and then Hunter commented right after, but hasn’t responded to anything else all day. It’s possible… #&&anythingcanhappen. But if it keeps happening then we know it’s BS.

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    Slamming open double doors so hard that they hit the outside wall is not an accident.

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    Hmm… there’s a convenience store 3 miles from my house that’s hiring for a cashier and kitchen worker. But they close at 5:30 and I get home at 2:45 (1:00 on Fridays). I’ve been told a weekday part-time shift is supposed to be 4 hours, is it not?

    Honestly, I’m kinda over this door thing. Time to focus on my paperwork and weightlifting reps in school, as well as find some way to build up a nest egg. That was the main purpose of all those hustles I’ve done since I started high school, and I did them because it always felt like a much easier cash grab than finding a real part-time taxed job. But the more I think about it the more I realize they’re too much of a gamble; I think for every 12 hustles I’ve done, 7 of them have been successful and made big money, those are NOT the kind of odds I want to depend on anymore.

    I’m still gonna stay away from the youth center for a while, just in case they might still be mad at me. It’s not where I worked this past summer, I actually worked at one of my old elementary schools I used to attend that’s a 6-minute walk right from my house. Plus, the youth center is in the central/downtown district (I went to school there for a while), and that school I worked at is in the east district (my home district). Speaking of which, how do you think I even get hired to work at their summer day camp in the first place, I gotta have some good qualifications to work with kids, right?

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    Jesus Christ, it doesn’t have to literally be a convenience store. 100 times I’ve said the supermarket would be a great place to work. A quick-service restaurant, pizza shop, who cares as long as it’s a legitimate paying job you can put on a resume. And won’t land you in jail or juvy or use up all your mom’s money and future earnings paying your legal bills. Get. A. Job.

    IDGAF how you got hired at the day camp. I assume you babysat your cousins or nephews. Though I saw you were asking Reddit for advice on dealing with your whiny nephew, so you’re not that experienced with kids. You have a lot to learn, and be grateful they gave you the opportunity.

    The way you get hired for good, high-paying jobs is to show them a resume with other jobs you did (and didn’t get fired from) and references. The way you go to jail and ruin your future is by dealing drugs or running gambling schemes.

    Yes, stay away from the youth center. You know you were wrong to flip the bird in front of kids. Your mom didn’t go down there to complain, did she?

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    Food jobs are great for teenagers. They usually take a little out of your paycheck in exchange for free food while you’re working. I used to work at a pizza place in college and I would make myself a sub-sandwich on break. Take it back to my dorm room and put it in the fridge. Before I clocked out for the day, another sandwich. Half a sandwich for lunch & dinner and I was good for two days.

    Another worker decided to swipe a whole mess of meat & cheese (they were prepped by the crew into about 20 pre-sliced portions and then wrapped up in saran wrap ready for use) and was instantly canned. Sandwiches were about $5 so you’re talking $100 loss.

    In short – you want to get a job, great. You want to keep the job, play by the rules. Don’t stretch the rules. If taking a cup of coffee is cool, take the cup of coffee, but don’t walk out with the damn coffee pot. Don’t undercharge your friends and ring up half their shit. And customers are usually shitty so if you don’t think you can control your temper when people are rude, then you shouldn’t be working a customer-facing job. And by control your temper, I mean, Sour face, Slamming cash drawers or change on the counter, using a rude or sarcastic tone with your voice

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