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Dear Wendy

Got into a little conflict yesterday, who's the bigger asshole here?

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    I think the answer is always going to be that Hunter is in the wrong. He omits truths on all of his posts, and you know he is doing it here too.

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    I’m glad you are realizing it isn’t a good idea to do hustles. I’m assuming you learned to make money this way from your dad but you also have to look at how he has messed up and ended up in jail (I think). Try to not be like your dad. He’s been a bad influence in your life.

    Look around for any local place that is hiring for entry level jobs. Around here kids start with fast food, the grocery store and the library. Where do you see a lot of teens working? That might be a good place to start. Grocery stores and fast food places have high turnover of employees so you can usually find a place to get your first job. The steady money you make will add up faster than the money from hustles. You would make as much in one shift at minimum wage as you would from your planned weed hustle and you wouldn’t risk jail time and you would be able to use it to get your next job.

    My son got his first job at Radio Shack. He then used his customer service experience at Radio Shack plus his courses in IT to get a job on campus at the college library doing IT work. He then used the college job experience to get his permanent, after college job doing IT for a corporation. You could never do that with hustles. You need a solid first job that you can list on a resume showing that you have work experience.

    I know you want to go to college. Work a steady job and save what you are earning. It will begin to add up. You can get a similar job when you go to college at whatever place you end up going to school. College students often go to the same business they worked at back home, so say someone worked at McDonald’s they go apply for a job at McDonald’s by their university because the owner likes hiring someone who won’t need much training. That goes for Dairy Queen, Wendy’s, etc.

    When you are searching for a place to live look for a place that is shared to cut what you are spending on housing. When I was in graduate school I was living in a house with five other women. We each had our own room. Thirty years ago the cost was $1200 per month for the house we rented but when you split that 6 ways it was only $200 per month for each of us. Look for something like that.

    Get student loans if you need them. They are designed to help you pay for college. Only get the amount you actually need because you will be paying them back.

    Is their a community college where you live? If so take as many classes at the community college as you can while still living at home. That will save you lots of money.

    Look into online college courses. Many universities now offer them and you can complete many of your freshman level courses while living at home. That will also save you a lot of money. If you know what you want to study you can see what classes they require for their first and second year and take as many of those as possible online while living at home. The online courses do not need to be from the university that you will got to for the degree but they could be. You will pay for the cost of the course but you won’t have to pay for transportation or room and board.

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    People on the spectrum are quite literal. They don’t generalize. What people see as annoying or obtuse or refusing to understand is probably mostly being on the spectrum.

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    In all honesty, your tone sounds pessimistic and negative. Like you have an attitude issue. Sounds like it was a seriously minor thing, and you took it wrong. Just shrug, say ‘ok’ and walk away.

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    They were jerks to yell at you. But also, you have a lot of attitude here. Raising a middle finger was pretty immature. My advice is to try to let things roll off your back more…instead of feeling angry. It was a misunderstanding. You could have waited till they were all done with their yelling and then say, hey, man, I’m really sorry. I honestly didn’t man to slam that door open…it won’t happen again. Then just walk away…they will either believe you or not believe you. Anyway, just take a deep breath next time something like this happens and try to see things from the other person’s perspective. I’m sorry they were so rude to you…it was uncalled for. Some people just have very short tempers. Just avoid those people when you can…they are jerks.

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    avatarAmanda Gauthier

    I just want to say that I don’t agree with these comments. I really only read a few. But I agree with you. It was unprofessional and uncalled for to treat door slamming with the way you described. Chances are these counselors are just a bit older the. Yourself and they obviously have a lot to learn about teaching kids. Hopefully they leave childcare all together or grow up before they are given real authority. I see how it’s is super frustrating to be a child in a society that thinks they are adults. Children in the US are not respected as individuals. You better believe those controlling idiots would not have reacted to an adult like that. And I see the same BS in the comments. Ignore their ignorance and be a better adult than them. In case you are wondering I am a 40 yr old woman with a Masters Degree, semi conservative and very successful. I would have flipped them off too, and if you came to me I would be on the phone with the director of that place.

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    wow so many new commenters, amazing.

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    Hazel, its also amazing how they all support him. ah well, he isn’t gonna listen to us anyway.

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    Hunter, have a great time in prison. It won’t be any great loss. If there is one thing the world doesn’t need. It’s more fucking idiots.

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    In a disagreement between two assholes, does it really matter which one is the bigger asshole?

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    Is Amanda his mom or grandma?

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    What a weird thread.
    Hunter, I think the workers acted wrong and unprofessional, but raising a middle finger is not the best way to cool down a fire.
    Let the incident go.
    And, some of the posters here lack some of the basic considerations when treating teenagers. Even someone wrote he is a “little shit”. Dafuck? They say you are inmature, but some should grow up and not put themselves at the same level as a teenager. Act as adults and don’t engage in condescendent fights with kids.
    PS: I’m not a troll.

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