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Dear Wendy

He cheated and humiliated me

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    avatarTeresa Smith

    I agree with BGM: Sounds like he went out with friends. And one (or more) of them was – gasp! – female. Since the pictures were posted publicly online, it doesn’t sound like his whereabouts were a secret. Was your boyfriend kissing the birthday girl in the pictures? I’m guessing not, or you would have mentioned that.

    People are allowed to have opposite-sex friends, even people in committed relationships. If you don’t want to be with a guy who has female friends, well, you’re free to find one that doesn’t. If your bf’s failure to include you more in his life and activities doesn’t work for you, then find someone whose views on blending your lives match up better with your own.

    Maybe at one point, he did feel like you were “the one” (or whatever). Maybe he changed his mind since then. (that happens) Maybe he got bored. Maybe now that he’s gotten to know you better, he’s realized that he doesn’t think you two are the best match. It’s sort of the natural result of getting to know someone better – at some point you have to decide if the relationship is worth continuing. It doesn’t sound like either of you have done anything wrong – you’re probably just not a good fit in the long run.

    Could your bf be pulling away and creating distance? doing the slow fade? Maybe. Probably. But to call it cheating is a stretch, and to feel humiliated over this situation sounds a bit over-dramatic. Get a hold of yourself.

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    Oh oh your story rings a bell for me. I have been there and I was not facing the truth, which was that soon after he dumped me.

    Guy starts losing interest, probably things were not going too well, he wanted to spend more time with his friends (without you joining), probably flashed on someone else, and the intimacy is fading.

    He might end it soon. I would take the decision first, it hurts less.

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