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Heartbroken over my ex best friend

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    So you found one club to join in person. Great! Did you actually join? If so, what happened?

    If school clubs aren’t an option, there are always online tools like MeetUp that can help you connect with other people who live nearby and have similar interests. I moved to my current city alone in my 20s and the internet was a fantastic resource to find other people who were also looking for new friends. (I’ve even met people from this site IRL!)

    I’m not sure if this is an issue for you at all, but I’ll add it anyway. I was a super shy kid. My family moved around a bit and I struggled being new. I was bad at throwing myself into new situations. It took me until probably my early 20s to force myself to put myself out there more and it’s one of the most valuable skills I’ve ever learned. I’m sure there are many students at your commuter school who feel the same way you do and want to make new friends, too. So next time you’re sitting in class or at a club meeting, introduce yourself to the person sitting next to you. Practice your small talk skills. You might find you just kinda click with someone and slowly make a new friend. You will have to make an effort, but small efforts can add up.

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    Like definitely look around and smile at the people in your classes, try to make small talk… compliment them on something they’re wearing or make a comment about something going on. Then if there are group projects you can try to get in a group with someone cool. Or grabbing pizza together or something. I ended up meeting friends in grad school that way and having an absolute blast.

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    I have also ended my friendship with one of my closest friends as well. She got engaged, was about to get married, and was also pregnant. There is a lot more to the story, but that’s for another day and time. I felt like she didn’t need me anymore, and that’s what she did. She stop texting me, stopped calling me, so I decided to delete her number, and block her on every social media.

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    I’m here to update!!!! You’ll never believe what happened. I’m very spiritual and always felt spiritually connected to her but when I said it out loud I sounded absolutely insane. Last night I got home and looked at my phone and she had requested to follow me on Instagram. I never spoke to anyone about it so I don’t understand why now. I had a full on breakdown because I was just starting to slowly start accepting how things were. I had a very long talk with my sister & my mother & the entire thing is so much more complex than I described. I accepted the request. It just feels like a prayer that was answered too early. I wanted time to grow & get to a place where I didn’t feel lonely and if I still felt like I missed her I would reach out. I seriously don’t know how or why that happened & Why it happened after almost 3 years

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