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    I highly doubt his desire to spread his seed and produce an heir has diminished, so I’d say he’s still looking for more fertile women.

    Maybe I’m wrong.

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    Well, and if he’s messaging women whose profiles state they are seeking men under 45, that’s rude and inappropriate.

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    “Women willing to date much older men can be very selective in the older men they choose to date.”

    Kind of irrelevant, but the pairings I’ve witnessed firsthand with large age gaps, these people generally have some issues.

    And okay, I get it, Robert had other things going on during the pandemic that made dating less important, but if ever there was a time to insist on talking by phone or Zoom before meeting IRL without the other person thinking it was an added hurdle to an already-annoying process, it was 2020.

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    If I recall from Robert’s earlier posts, he is trying to establish his own business and works at jobs such as food delivery. Robert, have you ever worked more traditional jobs? Did you not like these jobs because your supervisors didn’t know what they were doing or you couldn’t get along with co-workers?
    My point is, I think Robert has more than just a dating problem. I think he may have problems relating to others in general.

Viewing 4 posts - 97 through 100 (of 100 total)
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