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    I need to talk to someone about this.
    For almost two years now me and my friend ( have been texting/sexting etc. I know I need to stop I know it’s wrong. But I can’t get him out of my head. He confuses me though. He’ll be talking for say, 9 hours one day then dissapear for a week. I’ve said to leave this there it’s wrong etc you’re not bothered each time he tells me he likes me a lot, doesn’t want to etc but the disappearing is just so strange. I think he’s messing with my head. I’m not sure and I think I should end this. It’s also me that does most of the contact but as soon as I stop, delete the number etc he comes back. Advice welcome

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    What is it you want out of this? Why is it wrong? Do you want to be in a relationship with this person, can’t, and need to move on? If that’s the case, deleting the number isn’t good enough. You need to block it, block him on social media, block him everywhere you possibly can.

    Odds are he knows he’s stringing you along and enjoys the sexting. Tell him what you honestly want from him, and if he can’t give you what you want then you need to stop communicating.

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    Um… Yeah, I am not exactly at all sure what the problem is here. Is it just me? Or are the letters on here increasingly more and more incoherant?

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    That’s it – want a relationship can’t and need to move on but struggling with doing so.

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    He likes the ambiguity. For him, it is fine, he keeps you on a leash without committing to anything. And why would he stop as you agree by pursuing the casual relationship? Be clear with yourself. He is clear enough, he just wants the fun.
    It isn’t good anymore for you, it is frustrating, it doesn’t bring you what you want, you are wasting your time and attention. So put an end to it and when he tries to reconnect, pass. Don’t react. Block him and date again.

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    I think you’re messing with your head. The guy wants nothing serious- gets you know Hrny sometimes N gets off by sexting with you (and most likely not just with you). There’s no mind games here- and no issues if you’re okay with that from him. Helping a guy get off thru a phone. Hope it’s not too harsh but that’s the reality I’m seeing here. Take care and try to set your bar higher you’ll avoid a lot of situations like these which make for some bad memories ya know.

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    It sounds like he’s keeping you on the back burner until he’s bored. He will give you crumbs to keep you interested enough, but ultimately he’s not respecting you, your feelings, or your time. Somebody who genuinely wants to be in your life will make time for you, not disappear for a week and leave you hanging. You deserve so much better. It’s not easy, but block his number, block his socials, and try to avoid him if you see him in person. The less you see him, the easier it is to move on. Start filling your time with hobbies, sign up for fun classes (like painting, dancing, etc or find tutorials online), try new things, hang out with friends, and make yourself busy enough where you don’t have so much time to think about him. You’ll also be discovering and improving more of yourself in the meantime, and maybe even meet somebody new who will appreciate how big your heart is. I’ve been down that road a few times and if you keep in touch with him, it will only break your own heart. Unfortunately you can’t change people or magically be “the one” to save them. Best of luck!

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