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    Hello..I need some advice.
    Ive been daiting this guy for like two mounts.
    Its been kinda perfect. He was saying that he never felt like this before,and im everything is ever wanted. Ive even met is all famliy and friends and he even told hes father how much he cares about me.
    Out of nowhere he broke up with me saying that he had so much walls becuase of hes ex (they broke up 3 years ago)
    Hes friend told me that she was horrible and he got very hurt.
    Anyway,two days after the break up,he texted me to see if im ok and how are things going and he said that hes confused becuase he doesnt know if im the one for him or hes walls are to high to let anyone in.
    So i asked him if everything he had told me once that im everything he need and he never felt like this before..and he said yes.
    So now im kinda confused..I said to him that i deserve better and he agreed.
    I really dont know what to do..
    Im trying to move on but it hurts..everything was so perfect.

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    That’s really hurtful and disappointing but I think you should block him and move on. A guy who bails after two ‘perfect’ months then immediately starts hemming and hawing doesn’t know what the hell he wants. Trust me, this is only going to lead to you hanging on, walking on eggshells, twisting yourself in knots trying to break down his ‘walls’. They broke up 3 years ago if he isn’t over it he’s not ready to be in a relationship.

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    If someone thinks you’re perfect for them and is that into you after two months, it’s a bad sign, not a good one. It’s either someone trying to manipulate you or it’s someone who is not thinking things through. Normal relationships progress more slowly because each person is wanting to truly get to know the person and decide if they are right for them. It sounds like this guy wanted to get over someone he wasn’t over and thought that if he forced your relationship to progress, it would work. But it doesn’t, and he realized it. Move on from him and next time, be suspicious of someone who is that obsessed with you after only two months.

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    He’s not confused, he’s finished with the relationship. MOA, he has.

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    He’s not confused. Sometimes when people start a new relationship they put their new partner in this bubble of perfection. Everything is the “most perfect” and “best ever” and they “never felt this way before”. They’re running on this brew of neurochemicals that make them feel amazing. Once the rose color starts fading, they see the real person, who has faults like every other person on this planet. For people who can’t deal with reality, they can’t handle the fact that real people aren’t perfect.

    MOA – find someone who will take their time to get to know you and take your time getting to know someone and figure out if your faults and their faults work well together.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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