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Ho to tell if she's interested but hesitating, or simply not interested

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    How can i tell if she’s interested but for some reason hesitating, or simply not interested at all?

    There’s this gym/swimming pool i go to a few times a week. There’s this girl whom i’ve caught a few times looking at me. And her glance doesn’t seem, at least to me, neutral, uninterested (i’m not saying it’s an interested look, either). But it seems like there’s something. Wich makes me wonder if she’s interested but something is stopping her, or simply NOT interested.

    Any clues on how i could assess the situation without having to ask her? How to read her body language, maybe…? Thanks.

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    I would start with a low key hello when you pass her and work up from there. Don’t overthink it.

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    ‘Low key hello’? I’m sorry, i’m not familiar with the expression.
    Thanks for the advice.

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    Just say hi.

    Low key = casual. If she smiles and says hi next time after that, and seems to often be in your area and not avoiding you, that’s an indication she may be receptive to a friendly chat.

    There’s no way to tell for sure she’s interested without approaching her.

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    That sounds like good advice. It’s nice to get some feedback from women on these sort of matters. Cheers!

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    You could also just smile the next time you see her looking, and see if she smiles back. Do it a few times, since if she’s not expecting it the first time she might not respond the way she wants to. If she doesn’t like the smiles she’ll start avoiding looking at you. If she smiles back though, then you can casually say hi when you walk by her.

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    Smile and wave. Say hello. Start some banal conversation (water is warm today, the jazzercise music they’re playing is strange, it’s been taking me forever to get to the gym because the traffic is so bad) . If she seems to want to talk to you then keep talking.

    My dad used to mortify me by talking to strangers …but it kind of sunk in and stuck with me.I start conversations with strangers everywhere (airports, bars, trains, doctor’s offices). It’s a useful skill to have and it’s nice to talk with people. I’ve made friends from people that I’ve met wherever. Obviously if they don’t seem interested in talking you leave them alone, but a surprising number of people seem to like it.

    It will also help you meet girls.

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    I understand that I sound like someone’s grandfather, but I don’t care!

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    I also disapprove of this thread title. Just because she’s at the gym doesn’t means she’s promiscuous.

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    and after I made a spelling joke too!

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    @Fyodor lolol

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    This can’t be that hard! I wouldn’t ever think of going up to somebody who I caught glancing at me and being like “Hey I saw you sneaking a peek at the goods, are you interested?” I mean how is that an option? Isn’t the only option, to just sneak in a hello next time you see her, and see where it goes from there? I feel yeah, for the longest time the opposite sex was frightening for me to start a conversation with out of the blue, but believe me once you start it’s hard to stop.

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