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    Don’t hate me for how early this is but i like to start to at least think about gifts early. Trying to figure out what to get my husband for our first Xmas. Kind of thinking a new pool stick but he’d have to pick it as I know nothing about them and I’d really like it to be a surprise. I could maybe buy a nice one from somewhere I am sure he could exchange.

    My mom is easy luckily as we always are talking about things we saw are nords or what not. I’ll be traveling back to CA for Xmas so while i want to buy physical gifts not just gift cards it would be nice to have somewhat smaller items to ship.

    Would love to hear ideas people have or things they are considering for friends and relatives for Xmas.

    For my grandma I am giving her a bunch of jars of tomatoes from our garden I’m about to can. She will love this for all her sauces, plus she isn’t one to need or want obvious items as she can just buy whatever she needs.

    Mainly I shop early because leaving the house between thanksgiving and Xmas is hell. I seriously stock up on my household supplies before so i don’t have to brave Target on a big holiday shopping day.

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    Kind of hate you started this but I am curious too! I try to pick up gifts at the craft sales this time of year but I haven’t noticed anything. Sooo I am starting to feel it! Ha.

    This year I have a new addition to buy for—-my niece! I don’t know what to get her because I already buy cute things here and there so I don’t know what else to get. She’s also the first grandchild on both sides so she is pretty spoiled and I mean that in the best way 🙂

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    I’ll bite because I love picking the perfect gift for people!

    My niece’s Christmas present is coming early, Tea at the Peninsula!

    I’m not sure what I want to do for the husband yet. Last year, I got him season tickets for Broadway in Chicago. And a cool puzzle that shows different views from plane windows. He’s obsessed with planes. And travel. He’s taking me to Africa for my 40th in Jan 2020, so maybe I’ll buy binoculars for him this year.

    I usually buy my sisters a sweater, or something, and some fun socks or underwear. Last year, I added a couple makeup items from Away. Lip gloss and rouge.

    @hfantods – do you live near your niece? If not, a cheesy, but fun gift is to go to Build a Bear, pick a do your own voice box to add into the paw, and gift that. I did that for my niece when I lived a three hour plane + two hour car ride away so she’d know my voice. Now that they’re older and I live closer, we gift them experiences, hence the tea. Last year it was Wicked. One year it was luggage. Yes, my then 5 and 9 year old nieces wanted luggage.

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    One of my best friends is a Gin&Tonic lover so I was thinking of giving her a gin&tonic kit.
    My sister is a crossfitter so I was thinking gifting her a subscription to a fitness box, maybe Barbella box.

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    It’s smart to start shopping early — I don’t have a ton of people to shop for most years, and every year I feel rushed!

    I usually get my dad some kind of high-tech gadget, or an accessory for a gadget, cause he loves his tech toys. Depending on the gadget, I might also throw in a sweater. Last year I got him a couple things, and one of them was one of those hats that have the ear flaps because he has to be outside during the winter shoveling, and I thought it would keep him warmer than the hat he’s been wearing for years. (He wore it like a good sport.)

    My mom is easy to shop for because she likes to get clothes. I pick things out that I’d like, and it usually works.

    My sister is the tricky one. Last year I tried hard to find her a great weekender bag because she’s always borrowing mine, but couldn’t find one that I liked for a price point I like. Other past gifts that she’s like are house goods that I’ve picked up at Anthropologie (a charcuterie board from there went over really well for a recent birthday, and she also liked a nice teal bag I got her there for her most recent birthday). I also saw this earlier today and thought it might be up her alley:

    Other than them, I usually only shop for one other extended family member (we have a big family and do a Secret Santa).

    I suppose BG might still be around in a few months the way things have been going, so I might have a mayunnn to shop for this year. Not sure what I’d get him at this point, but it’s still early and we’re still feeling each other out, so not too concerned about it this far out.

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    Oh Copa I have this great weekend bag that keeps popping up on my Instagram. I will post it here once I can find it again. It is really cool, the bottom unzips for shoes and it is leather. If I didn’t already have a great weekender I’d have bought it already.

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    Never to early in my book either 🙂

    I have 6 nieces and nephews and the oldest is going to be 14 (boy) by Christmas this year. Also I live kind of far away from them so I don’t know what they are into these days so I default to gift cards/cash. My siblings…we don’t usually buy for each other but sometimes if I find a little something I think they’ll like I’ll pick it up for them but it’s because I want to do that. I don’t always get everyone something and I don’t think there are any hard feelings about it if they don’t get something.

    So that leaves my parents, 2 daughters and my husband. This year I am getting my husband a porch swing as he has always wanted one of those and we have a nice front porch that one will fit on so that’s pretty much all he’s getting. Not sure for my daughters just yet. Mostly, I really like stuffing stockings! It’s a lot of fun to find fun little gifts and sometime “gag” gifts (such as fidget spinners for husband).

    Excited to see what others like to do/get!

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    My husband is SO DIFFICULT to shop for. I can usually come up with something good, but we’ve been together for a total of 12 years now, and that’s a lot of gift-giving occasions and I feel like I’m running out of steam! So I’ll be following along here for ideas. This year between our anniversary/his birthday I’ve gotten him digital gift subscriptions to the Washington Post and NYTimes, and Woodward’s book. Other things I’ve done over the years:

    Spa gift certificate (sports massage)
    Concert tickets (twice)
    Nice bottle of wine
    LLBean bean boots
    Nice leather slippers
    Fancy leather zipper pouch for his insulin (he’s Type 1 diabetic)
    Cookbooks for baking bread when he got into that for awhile
    Large framed vintage travel poster
    Hand-knitted scarf
    “Sand mat” for beach/camping
    All manner of stylish shirts/ties
    Take his bike for a tune-up/detailing
    A new wallet and new travel wallet (different years)

    He loves watches, but his taste is so particular that I wouldn’t want to spend the money without getting EXACTLY what he wants. I also always make a calendar with pictures of our daughter (for him and for the grandparents).

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    We don’t do Christmas gifts, instead we go to Cabo right before Christmas. And we tend to buy stuff for each other as and when we see it during the year, like bags, sunglasses, shoes.

    But he likes tickets to Celtics or Red Sox games as Christmas gifts. He also likes weekend getaways, like to NYC to see a show.

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    I start shopping CRAZY early and am already 90% done. This year was oober easy as i decided to get my dad, two brothers and sil a 23ANDME kit and then just 1-2 small additional items.

    I have one brother left to finish and he’s always difficult. I might end up rounding out his gift with a Steam gift card if i don’t think of anything else by December.

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    @jd Is it Lo & Sons? I have a weekender bag that sounds similar, though mine’s canvas. The one I have that my sister has borrowed, I actually got a great deal on it at TJ Maxx! I always see them at stores like that, but I also don’t want to buy something just because it’s discounted — I want to like the style/design of it, and feel like it is a quality product, too. I might go back for the Lo & Sons bags this year, though, one for mom and one for sister. Lo & Sons tends to have decent sales so I’m just waiting on one.

    Also, I once got my sister a Crockpot for Christmas and that went over surprisingly well. I thought she’d think it’s silly, but I love mine and knew she didn’t have one. She uses it all the time and loves it.

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    Oh, and my mom is someone who carries tissues around with her everywhere. So one goofy thing I gift her every year is those small packs of kleenex, and I hide them in her “main” gift. So last year I got her a jacket, and every pocket had some kleenex. I like goofy traditions like that 🙂

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