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    When you’ve been through what I have, people always ask to hear your story. A million times layer and a ” Wow, that sucks. #Praying” you tend to want to just saying anything. So I’ll keep it brief.

    After finding ourselves homeless, my mom and I received an offer from a childhood friend to move 3 states away to live with him and wife at their 3 bedroom home. Mind you, excluding my mom, we are all a bunch of 20 something’s.

    Fearing being back on the streets, we accepted the offer and have been here at their home a few days now. But from the moment our bags sat down it has been nothing but unwanted drama.

    The wife is one of those possessive types. Even tracks his every move on an app linked to his phone. She comes in and is constantly in his ear, won’t ever let him be with us (or anyone else) alone and manages to erupt an argument between them. Not to mention she has strict house rules and won’t allow it to be under 79 degrees at all times.

    He has expressed being unhappy but fears leaving because of her taking him to the cleaners. We made it very clear we didn’t want to be drafted into this but she has roped us in.

    Now we have abandoned everything to be here and I just don’t know what to do. We don’t really have any friends or family. So I’m just really about to blow.

    Any advice?

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    Why don’t you just decide not to give a shit about their family drama, and leave the house each day to look for a job?

    Who cares if the guy is trying to rope you into his drama? You don’t have to get involved.

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    You and your mother need to get jobs and stay out of this. Your only worry needs to be getting money and getting somewhere to live, not fixing/ending your childhood friends marriage. Be glad they are letting you stay there and stay out of their business.

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    Why are you concerned with their relationship? This is a hand out to you in a time of need. Their relationship has zero to do with you. If she wants the house at 79 then so what, it’s her house, you are being helped. Also a lot of people do that to keep what can be very pricey energy bills down.

    But I truly, truly do not get why you give two shits about their relationship. You need to stay out of it. You shouldn’t even be involved. You say she roped you in but give no explanation as to how. You have legs, walk out of the room when it starts. Also, just to be a decent person, if a couple starts arguing you should just leave the room. It is THEIR home so they can argue if they want.

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    Be thankful they opened their home to you and MYOB.

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    I think that dealing with other people having relationship issues and having a home temp of 79+ is preferable to being homeless. This is a temporary situation, and it sounds pretty tolerable compared to the alternative. Just keep working on getting back on your feet, and then you can leave the drama when you’re able to.

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    Who would have thought homelessness came with a sense of entitlement? How is it your business what the temperature is set at? Or how they structure their relationship? Near strangers are being kind to you and you’re complaining? Outstanding.
    A bunch of 20 somethings and a mom should be able to find jobs, save up and get your own place in a hot second. And then you can set your temperature to whatever you can afford.

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    Leslie Joan

    I’m not sure what you expect us to say. You are right that it doesn’t help you to say, “Wow, that sucks.” I’m sure you feel frustrated. But other than to counsel you to find jobs and save like crazy, there isn’t much else we can say. On the good side, this gives you a powerful incentive to work to get out of there as soon as you can. If it were more comfortable, you might not be as motivated, eh.

    I’m confused about the “group of 20 somethings” . You said it was you and your mom. How many people are in your family?

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    I think it’s him, his mom, and this 20-something couple.

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    I’m also going out on an incredibly fragile limb and guessing there’s an impediment to employment here in the form of mandatory drug testing.

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    The time spent analyzing their relationship should be spent finding work.

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