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    Avatar photoDear Wendy

    I’m assuming many of you followed me over from TF, but surely not all of you. I know there are lots new readers in the almost two years (!) since this site launched. So, I’m curious: how did you find the site/me?

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    Avatar photoClassic

    Hi Wendy!  I was searching for advice when I found you.  I had not dated for 20 years while I was busy raising and supporting my son, and I needed to find out how dating is done these days.  I had just gone out on my first date in decades, and a couple of days had passed and my date hadn’t called me, so I was trying to find out if that was normal.  (It worked out OK, we are still dating– infrequently but exclusively.)  I’ve learned a lot about dating and relationships from you and the DW community even though most of you are so much younger, thanks!


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    Avatar photokatie

    i found you on the frisky, which i found through current.com while i was alone in texas during my internship.


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    Elanie May

    I found your regular life blog back when I was reading a lot of blogs about single life and love and you were in Chicago. I was also reading Sarah Brown and Pretty Crabby and a bunch of others at the time. I followed you over here from City Wendy.

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    Avatar photoGatorGirl

    I’m not 100% sure but it was either from reading old articles on The Frisky about LDR or googling about LDR advice.

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    Avatar photothe_optimist

    Found you from The Frisky, which I found on CNN.com while trying to escape the boring of my first BAD job. So thanks for helping to keep me sane through what was a very crazy time 🙂

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    Avatar photoDiablo

    You were mentioned by Dan Savage at some point while you were at The Frisky. I had always liked the risque questions and advice by Dan, but also found myself interested in the more everyday questions you handled.  DW was definitely an unusual interest for me as a guy, even a non-stereotypical guy. It became a way of experiencing some of these issues vicariously, as I have been happily married for a long time. Perhaps my biggest regret about marriage is that I’ll never have that “falling in love” feeling again, not that I would ever risk what i have for what I don’t have. On the upside, i’ll also (hopefully! highly likely!) never have my heart broken again, so that’s a good deal for me.

    Then, DW became a way of interacting and a community. Nice one!

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    Avatar photoflgirl711

    I found it through TF and through CNN as well.

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    Avatar photoMoneypenny

    I also followed you from TF.  And I found TF from links on CNN.

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    Avatar photoJess

    I found it from The Frisky and found The Frisky from some kind of random search or twitter feed. Can’t remember. I really only read DW and Mind of Man.

    That seems like so long ago. I stopped reading TF entirely after you moved. I like it so much better here because there is a real community. The comments on TF would get vicious for no reason at all. I was afraid to comment there.

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    Avatar photoAKchic_

    I followed from The Frisky.  I found you on The Frisky because I was bored and had read all of the Dear Prudie backlog and googled “Advice Columns” and you popped up.

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