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    Once I found DW I went back and read City Wendy from the beginning… I felt a little creepy about it, but it was awesome seeing Wendy go from single girl in the city to clearly in love in an LDR, then moving to NYC!

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    Avatar photoFireStar

    Me too – CNN-TF-DW

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    @AP. West Elm. Chester Sofa. DO IT!

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    Avatar photoGatorGirl

    @AP I’m currently obsessed with the Karlstad sectional from Ikea. We will be prurchasing one with any wedding gift money we get.

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    One more for CNN–>TF–>DW. So glad that I don’t have to go to TF anymore. The DW community is awesome

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    Avatar photoBriarRose

    In 2010 (I think) a friend sent me a link to Dater X on the Frisky, which I had never heard of, and that is what led me to  Dear Wendy.  Followed you here, and have had the pleasure of watching this site grow and evolve!

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    Avatar photoSixtyFour

    CNN -> TheFrisky -> DW

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    I came from the Frisky, but found TF via many many friends on facebook regularly posting articles.

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    Avatar photoAddie Pray

    But how did people find DW after the Frisky?  Because Wendy’s not on the Frisky anymore, right?

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    I actually found the Frisky through DearWendy. Her column was featured on the CNN website and I found the Frisky after I clicked through it. I kept going to the Frisky just to read Wendy’s column and I also visited her City Wendy blog. I was happy to see that eventually she moved on from that crappy website and gave us a much bigger dose of her columns.

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    I have an advice column addiction. It started innocently enough- as a kid I would read Ann Landers every day in the paper. Then I progressed to Dan Savage and Dear Abby archives, before I knew it I was spending hours at a time reading comments. I’m usually a lurker, but somehow the magicalness of the DW community has brought me out of my shell (hive?)

    I think I originally found you on TF  from googling LDR advice. When I found out you also did advice of the QA variety it was love at first column. It was a little annoying having to read other TF headlines in search of my DW so when  you announced your own website I was over the moon.

    However long later I’ve moved over 600 miles to the same city as my LDR and we are happy as clams, so uh thanks! =)

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    CNN -> TF -> DW

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